Learning Hub

The TEDx Learning Hub is a Google+ community where TEDx organizers and volunteers from around the world come together to learn, teach, and grow.

About the TEDx Learning Hub

Organizing a great TEDx event requires a wide variety of skills, abilities, and expertise. The Learning Hub is your place to ask questions, get individual attention, and learn from veteran organizers and TED staff members.

The TEDx Learning Hub hosts sessions for:

  • TEDx organizers who want to connect and learn from one another
  • TED staffers to share tips, skills, and resources

Session types

Learning comes in many different forms. In order to make the Learning Hub a fun and engaging place, we offer five types of sessions in our Google+ community:

  • Office hours - A veteran organizer is available to answer questions from new and experienced organizers.
  • Learning series - A focused learning session that includes a short presentation followed by discussion.
  • Webinars - Presentation-based, structured learning.
  • Curated conversations - Hosted interviews with special guests.
  • Happy hours - Time to socialize and have a good time!

Upcoming workshops

Interested in attending an upcoming workshop? This is a great first step in becoming part of the Learning Hub community. All you have to do is show up!

Check out the Learning Hub calendar below so you can see what sessions you might be interested in joining.

(The calendar below is based on Eastern Standard Time - United States. Your calendar will automatically convert to your local time zone when you sign up to attend an event.)

Schedule your own workshop

Think you want to host your own learning session? Create an event in the Learning Hub.