TEDx in a Box event

In developing communities, TEDx events are a catalyst for learning and inspiration. Yet despite great enthusiasm, the lack of resources pose a challenge. To help these events succeed, we've launched TEDx in a Box.

The idea for TEDx in a Box came from TEDxKibera, a TEDx event held in the slums of Nairobi. Despite a lack of quality local resources, the event was an extraordinary success. With TEDx in a Box, individuals in developing communities are delivered all the resources they need in order to organize a TEDx event, packaged in a portable box.

TEDx in a Box events

We've distributed boxes to TEDx organizers in over 17 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Kenya, and South Africa. Here are a few stories from those who have received them.

Su's story

The Eburru Secondary school is located on the edge of the Mau forest in Kenya. The school is housed in one of the first farmhouses built by the original white settlers, and was given to the community upon the demise of the last owner. It started out as a day school, providing access to education for children who would commute 20 kilometers each way every day! Over the last six years, well-wishers and sponsors have worked with the administration to turn it into a boarding school.

When approached about having a TEDx event at the school, the headmaster was very excited and promptly invited us to do so, recognizing it as a great opportunity to expose the students to the greater world. Keeping in mind the surrounding environment, we asked a speaker to demonstrate biogas, an alternative fuel and a possible solution to saving the depleting forest belt in the area.
TEDxEburru was held on Jan. 8, 2011, and had 65 attendees, ages 16-19, along with school teachers and administrators. The event went incredibly well and the students sat back in awe the entire time. After the event, one of the well-wishers promised the school a biogas digester, which was purchased and activated a month later.

The headmaster has vowed to encourage the community to adopt the same biogas technology for sustainability of the fragile environment in which they coexist.The event mattered greatly, broadening the horizons of both the students and their community.

Kelo's story

We hosted our first TEDxKliptown on the Feb. 19, 2011. Our theme for the event was "Something out of Nothing". The event was held in a small local coffee shop/museum, and about 20 people -- mainly youth -- attended.

Kliptown is one of the least developed areas in Soweto. The area where we hosted the event does not have any formal housing, running water or electricity. The young people who live in Kliptown have to travel long distances for school. TEDx in a Box was a perfect platform to use for the community as most of them have cell-phones and can relate to the technology. It was also convenient as we did not need constant supply of electricity and Internet.

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If you have questions about the "TEDx in a Box" initiative, email tedx@ted.com.