Level 2 event

The Level 2 license is a special type of TEDx license -- applied at TED's discretion to an already licensed TEDx event and name -- that grants exclusive privileges for the ticket price, duration, format and distribution of one TEDx event.

About this event type

Level 2 status rewards TEDx organizer achievements by allowing different privileges in regards to ticket price, event duration, format and distribution. Level 2 licensees are expected to maintain the spirit and ideals of TED and TEDx at all times.


Only existing TEDx organizers who have fulfilled all of the following requirements are considered eligible to apply for the Level 2 license:

TEDx licensee term

You need to have held a standard TEDx license for a minimum of two years.

TED conference attendance

You have attended a qualifying TED Conference.

Two 100+ attendee standard TEDx events

You have been the primary licensee of a minimum of two standard TEDx events, and more than 100 people attended each.

Positive feedback

All of your previous events have received positive feedback.

TEDx workshop

You have spearheaded a TED-approved city-wide or regional gathering of TEDx organizers. In some cases, this might be as simple as a city-wide meet-up or dinner. More information about TEDx regional workshops.

TEDx Talks

Either one talk from your event has been featured on TED.com, or one of your TEDx Talks has received least 15,000 views on the TEDx YouTube channel.

Benefits + requirements

If you are granted a Level 2 license, we ask that you:

  • Assume a leadership role in your community -- without creating hierarchy.
  • Promote a spirit of collaboration in your city, region and country by hosting regular get-togethers and/or workshops.
  • Pass on your knowledge to other licensees. Assume a mentor role to new licensees in your community.
  • Protect the TED brand, and the spirit of its ecosystem.

A TEDx Level 2 license allows a TEDx licensee to:

How to apply

Like other TEDx licenses, the Level 2 license requires an application and approval from the TED team. To apply for a Level 2 license, you will need to complete these steps:

  1. Fill out the TEDx Level 2 application form (Make sure to tell us why you are applying for Level 2 status - is it for distribution? To host a 2-day event?
  2. Fill out the standard TEDx license application form
  3. Wait for an approval email from the TEDx team

Level 2 status does not roll over to your next event, to other individuals or to other license types. You will need to apply again for TEDx Level 2 status with each new TEDx event you organize. Note that only one Level 2 license will be granted per city.

Rules to Remember

  • Admissions/ticket price: You may charge up to $250 USD per ticket. But at least 15% percent of your tickets should be free or discounted for students and members of the community who may not be able to afford this price point.
  • Partnership/sponsorship: There is no limit on the funds a TEDx Level 2 licensed event can receive from sponsors. However, additional guidelines apply, and must be followed in order to retain Level 2 status.
  • Event duration: TEDx Level 2 licensees have the option of hosting an event that runs one-and-a-half days.
  • Broadcast: TEDx Level 2 licensees are permitted to distribute their top four TEDx Talks on non-commercial television. See all TEDx Level 2 broadcast and distribution requirements. Note: TEDx events cannot air live on television or digital TV.

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