Legacy License

The Legacy license is a pilot program, applied at TED's discretion to established TEDx organizers who have consistently demonstrated commitment to ideas worth spreading, excellence in curation, and community mentorship over many years. This allows for greater flexibility in event duration and format, media distribution, and community engagement. Legacy licensees are expected to maintain the spirit and ideals of TED and TEDx at all times.

About this event type

The Legacy license status recognizes the achievements of TEDx organizers by providing increased benefits which enable established, large-scale teams to more easily sustain their events by entering into longer partnerships, more readily engage their community by holding longer events and by using the TEDxEvent brand for community gatherings.


Only existing TEDx organizers who have fulfilled all of the following requirements are considered eligible to apply for the Legacy license:

TEDx Event Legacy

Five years of continuous legacy - led by current licensee for at least two of the five years.

An example to the TEDx Community

A role model to other events - a shining example of the high standard of TEDx in curation, partnership, and community engagement.

TEDx Community Engagement

Community contributions, such as hosting workshops, mentorship, or sharing learnings.

Positive Feedback

All previous events have received strong, positive feedback.

Benefits + requirements

If you are granted a Legacy license, we ask that you:

  • Promote a spirit of collaboration in your city, region and country perhaps by hosting get-togethers and/or workshops.
  • Pass on your knowledge to other licensees. Assume a mentor role to other licensees in your community or share your learnings on the TEDxHub
  • Protect the TED brand and the spirit of its open and inclusive platform.

A TEDx Legacy license allows a TEDx licensee to:

  • Take out two-year licenses
  • Run up to a three-day event
  • Repeat a one day or a half-day event program twice
  • Use their TEDxEvent brand for all community activations in between events
  • Send out press releases without approval from TED
  • Create podcasts using TEDxEvent brand
  • Enter into two year partnerships
  • Determine their own ticket price, without limit
  • Hold in-person fundraising events
  • Use TEDx Legacy Event promotional language with partners and community members (see guidelines)

Pilot program

For 2020, the Legacy license has been applied as a pilot program to the following events: