TEDCred reflects a user's contribution to the TED community. Wherever you are in the world, you can participate in TED and earn TEDCred points.

Please note that the TED Conversations platform is currently on hiatus.

How to earn TEDCred

We won't divulge exactly how we calculate your TEDCred score, but here's a hint about how you can earn points: adding comments that other TED.com users love, translating TED Talks, organizing a TEDx event, watching a TED conference via the TED Live webcast, even joining the TED staff.

TEDCred medals

When your TEDCred score reaches 10 points, a TEDCred medal reflecting that score will appear on your profile. A new medal will replace it every time you surpass another level.

There's no way to reduce another user's TEDCred points, although our moderation team can add or subtract TEDCred points at their discretion — for example, if they find evidence that a user's TEDCred score has been unfairly or artificially increased. See our TED.com Terms of Use.