What's your asterisk?

Ideas worth spreading

TED is devoted to ideas worth spreading. While we curate ideas we think are worthy of that estimation, we also acknowledge not everyone feels the same – and certainly not all the time. Some ideas may offer just one perspective on a complex issue, while others invite thoughtful criticism and debate.

Here are some of the asterisks we place after the phrase ideas worth spreading...

  • In short-talk form. Also music, dancing, art. And yo-yos.

  • A new one every day. Handpicked.

  • They're not all perfect. But they are all short.

  • And maybe even, ahem, acting on.

  • Free. Forever. Thank you, Internet.

  • Plus a few ideas worth shredding. Or so we're told. You decide.

  • Like a virus. But with inspiration instead of sneezing.

  • Probably. But you be the judge.

  • And debating. And criticizing. And improving.

  • Or at least worth arguing about.

  • Skeptics welcome.

  • Well, the spreading part is up to you.

  • Knowledge in dangerously addictive short doses.

  • Or challenging.