Share a TED Talk, track your influence

Ideas worth spreading can't get very far without people like you who share them. Now there's a feature on that lets you track your influence after you share a talk. Whenever you log into and share a talk, we'll start counting how many views it receives from people clicking on your links.

How does it work?

When you log in to your account and share a talk, we'll create a special sharing link just for you. You can share the talk using the social media buttons, or just by cutting and pasting the link. Each time someone follows your special link - and watches the video - one view will be credited to you.

If you don't have a account, you can sign up here.


How do I see how many views I generated?

Simply visit any talk you've shared. Alongside the total view count, you'll see the number of views that came from your personal link.


Can people who click on my shared links see that number, too?

No. Only you will see that number. (Though you are welcome to share it!) Your friends can share the talk themselves, to keep spreading the idea.

What data is collected in this process?

In order to display the number of views you generated, we store information on the talks you share, when you share them, and the number of people who followed each personal link.

Sharing talks is what propels ideas. We're excited to include this feature as part of the new As always, we welcome your feedback and questions. Email us at