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TED podcast on iTunes! Do you listen to them? What are your favorite themes?

TED has launched a weekly themed TEDtalk podcast on iTunes! You can check it out at and listen, rate or comment on different podcast.

The categories covered include: Art, Business, Education, Health, Kids + Family, Music, News + Politics, Science + Medicine, Society + Culture and Technology.

Have you been tuning into the podcasts? What categories do you like to dive into? What talks have you listened to? What themes have you enjoyed? Let us know what you think of the podcast! We'd love to see your feedback.

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    Jan 17 2012: I have been getting the TED talks on iTunes for quite a while now. It's a great way to spend my lunch time, viewing the talks and hoping that some day I'll be able to attend a TED event.
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      Jan 23 2012: Have you taken a look at the new categories we have for our TED Talks on iTunes?
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        Jan 23 2012: I haven't done that yet - will have to do that tomorrow morning before I start work. THanks for the information!
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    Jan 11 2012: I don't use iTunes or anything else from Apple for that matter so no.
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    Jan 11 2012: I most enjoy the technology, science, and art podcasts.
    My main problem is a lack of available time to listen to them all!
    Some of the podcasts are very touching. Others motivating or educational.
    So, I often listen to something depending on my free time and my mood at the moment.
    Sometimes I listen to something in an area I know nothing about, just to satisfy my curiosity.

    I also download my favorite TED presentations and put them into iTunes as well. Some things, I enjoy seeing over and over!
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      Jan 23 2012: I just listen to 1-2 a day during a break. Sometimes I listen to the talks during my subway rides and pause the talks if/when I have to switch trains.

      Listen to 1 or 2 a day (I usually do two a day) unless you have a personal goal to reach for watched TED Talks ;)