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How will you strive to change the World?

Hi there everyone,

The question is quite self explanatory I think. I really want to know what all of you are doing or what you absolutely will do. So I'm looking for the steps you will definitely take, rather than ones you may.

I posted a related question, asking "What would you tell children about following their dreams?" over here:

I'm asking these questions as part of a video project of mine related to inspiring people to follow their dreams, right wrongs, and strive to change the world. Its all part of a web and real world project dedicated to enabling and empowering people, which we're starting called Utopian.

I'd love to quote the answers that some of you provide to this question and use them in the video. We'll be constructing a kind of 'visual wall' featuring everyone's statements.

We'll credit each person by placing their name next to their statement on the wall, which we'll be filming as an important part of the video.

Thanks a lot,

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    Dec 1 2011: I wanted to be a great bussinesswomen when I was seven years old, and this dream never be changed. I think I can help more poor people in my country when I have enough money. I never think if one day I can change the world or how to change the world. But I really think if you try your best to do every thing you can and improve yourself without stoping, you can have the ability to help more and more people in your city, your country or even in the whole world, and then you can influence the world.

    Actually I'm a volunteer now and a staff in Young Volunteer Association, I'm trying my best to teach low-income families' students English. Though my ability is limited because of my knowledge and money, I will never stop my step.
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      Dec 1 2011: Thank you so much for sharing your personal story Quanzhou. I think the efforts you are making are both wonderful and inspiring. I believe teaching English to them must open up many more possible opportunities in their futures, I'm sure you've already made a positive impact on people's lives through your actions and wish you the deepest success and fulfillment in your life and the changes you strive to make.
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      Dec 13 2011: That´s the idea that everyone should have present in their own minds: contribute with whatever you got. Couldn´t agree more
  • Dec 27 2011: Hello,
    I feel that there are many ways that a person can change the world and that the way that each person can change the world is different. I am currently an undergrad premed student at the University of Illinois U-C and I hope to someday make people aware of all of the suffering in the world and that everyone should take action to help each other. The race, ethnicity, or religion or someone should not matter, people should help each other because we are human beings. My dream is to bring the world together and remind people of the importance of compassion. Best of luck with your project.
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      Dec 31 2011: Thanks David,
      I too believe that it is so vitally importnat that we first recognize ourselves as all being 'humans' or all being 'part of life', before getting into all these abstract separations. If we gave humanity a concrete identity, and powerful symbols that people could rally around (Like countries have flags) then it would be that much harder for people to put aside the suffering of others, simply because they are 'different' to them. I think so many of us are moving in these directions, and I think that with the right galvanizing projects and symbols, many more of us will come forward and take steps to make your dream come true. I think we have a lot of reasons to be optimistic, if we're ready to stand for the things we believe in.
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    Dec 2 2011: Hey Mohammed Al Medfa,

    I only recently started doing my own thing, which is trying to do design in a different way. I've set up the OpenOpenDesignAgency and just this week went public with it. So no results yet, but right now everyone can have a prototype printed via and join me in investigation the possibilities of a new structure I found. Its called TurrisMotus and it has got a fascinating way of moving.

    I like your project and hope you can appreciate mine,


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      Dec 6 2011: Hey bArt,

      I did check out your website and watched your TurrisMotus video. I'll keep a look out for where your OpenOpenDesignAgency goes from here!
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    Dec 31 2011: I know that very small acts can sometimes bring big changes. I am only one person, but I make big efforts to make the people around me happy.

    Not just happy in the moment we're together, but happy in other ways. Happy when they walk away from a visit with me, happy with who they are, happy with thoughts of what they can try, answers they've found, questions they have asked themselves and found answers for, happy when they realize life is more important than what they fear today.

    I just want them to have found a way to inspire themselves when we talk, whether it's a casual visit, chance meeting, hanging out at the pub, or a 'deep conversation'. That, and I try to inspire smiles with every one I greet (though smiles mean different things around the world, it's my favorite greeting here in the States!)
  • Dec 24 2011: I'll do what I love.
  • Dec 17 2011: I just don't know yet...I have so many ideas and ideals and passions and anger. I wish for vindication for those suffering and awareness for those who are oblivious. I want to be a writer, a journalist, a film maker an activist. I want to paint, to make music, to use my life as a canvas and my voice as a score. But the question is: where to start? In the face of overwhelming opposition and perpetual tyranny, does one start with the hearts and the minds of those of privilege in the 'west', or does one run to feed and clothe those who have nothing?
    It pains me to admit but so very often despite my mindfulness I find myself maintaing the status quo, I find myself sitting still in apathy.
    I pray for a cause. One i can dedicate my life to with no reserve. One that I could give my very life for. I pray for the tools and the opportunities to present themselves. I fear that I will not recognize them when they do.
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      Dec 25 2011: Thank you so much for your response Elisha! I'm sorry I took so long to reply to this, I've had a little pestering sickness the last few days which hasn't kept me too on top of things! I think your words show a wonderful willfulness to give to the world and be of creative value, and to me that is the greatest thing any of us can do in our lives. So my small piece of advice to you is simply to start 'with why' (Watch Simon Sinek's talk if you haven't). Think about the difference you believe in, something that can set a fire in your heart every day, something you truly love or believe passionately in. Combine this with whatever activity or skill you find yourself most naturally enjoying and put them together to craft a path forward. As long as you know why you're doing what you're doing, you'll already have started, and the start will be..just the beginning. As it should be!
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    Dec 17 2011: I just want to thank everyone for their varied and heartfelt responsese so far!
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      Dec 13 2011: Hi Don,

      I went to your website and I just want to say that I share with you my disapointing and anger with nowadays justice.
      Thank you for being an "Agent of Change", that´s truly an inspiration!
  • Dec 6 2011: I am organizing a celebration of the Global Truce next year (Sept 21, 2012) for our town. Music of all kinds to celebrate one day of peace and non-violence. I've talked to a leading religious organization, our mayor, the local high school, and some business people. Next will be the sports crowd, the arts folks in the area and the farmers nearby. Support is steadily growing. If this Global Truce is successful I'd like our children to be able to say."I was at the celebration of the first-ever Global Truce". And when I think about a day when people can safely go out to get food and water, to visit family, to worship, to lay on a beach, to repair homes, to get medical care - without the worry of gunfire and bombings - I smile from ear-to-ear in happiness. What fun it will be ,to be in a community of people celebrating this event and hoping for many more.
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      Dec 6 2011: Thats wonderful Sandra. I too was greatly inspired by the Jeremy Gilley's TEDtalk about a global ceasefire day. I'm sure it will be a great moment for your townspeople to come together and know they are spreading awareness about something deeply important. All the best.
  • Dec 2 2011: I'm working hard to break down the stigma that dogs the mentally ill and always offer to help someone no matter what they are doing, if I am able.
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      Dec 3 2011: That is wonderful James. All the best for all your efforts.
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    Dec 1 2011: In order to change the world one has to change oneself.
  • Jan 1 2012: I think the internet can be a powerfull tool for good and for mobilization (wasn´t that the great lesson of 2011?). But how can we use it? I´m very curious so I use it to learn the most I can about other cultures and different views of the world, I spent one whole week in a forum for asians in north america and their issues dealing with racial steriotypes and e the expectations from their imigrant parents and culture contrasting to they're life as american citizens. I was surprised to see young muslim girls from London defending the use of the veil as a symbol of cultural pride and religious obeservance instead of oppresion, I heard ultra right american christians defend they're political views and also gay rights advocates celebrating the right to marry in new york. I heard Europeans terrified of imigration defending some very dangerous ideas while other europeans passionatelly argued for multiculturalism...The possibilities are endless if you have an open mind and the more you watch other people the harder it is to see differences between us, so I think we can encourage other do the same, to get involved, to get they're facts from different sourcer, hear different sides and never be passive when people around us perpetuate hurtful jokes or racist ideas. And you too can do the same at very little cost from the confort of you home ;)