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Have you heard of medical benefits of growing beards?

I've recently read about medical benefits about growing beards: and am wondering if any one has read further? The most interesting thing was that beards block UV rays according to a study done in Australia. What do you think?

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    May 30 2014: Given that I used to "rock out" long hair and a beard, I personally think that reducing exposure to the elements is one of the prime benefits to growing a beard. Also, if you tend to be introverted and don't like strangers approaching you, a scraggly beard will usually assist you on this matter. :P
  • Jun 4 2014: Nonsense.
    I have a beard, but I'm just to lazy to shave often.

    People have been selling "snake oil" since time began.
    We can debunk most myths if we just think about them.
    PT Barnum was reported to have said:
    "There's a sucker born every minute, and 7 to catch him."
    Seems appropriate.

    Keep you beard, shave, or do whatever the love of your life
    likes best. It is a small thing.
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    May 30 2014: Well this is a very interesting question, and Im going to try to aswer it only from my point of view and not with cientifical background. For me, to have a long beard does not response to a religious way but it is an ideological way to express my self to others. In my country is very important how you look... as they said: "Como te ven, te tratan" wich literally means "as they see you, they treat you"... just awful! because in sometimes I have to deal with the fact that people is judging me just because the way I look and that is a clear case of discrimination.
    For me growing a beard is a way to say I can do whatever I want with my body, and noone can tell me what to do with it, probably sounds absurb for some people in other countries because it is not something importante but here it is a very big deal because "you look like a homeless" asuming that beein a homeless is a bad thing to be.
    Im not going to deny it, in a lot of ocations to have a beard is hard, especially in my tows that sometimes reach 113 farenheit. Also when Im eathing I can have problems with it, but nothing important.
    So if you are planning to do so... just do it.