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What if, a soccer game or football game money winnings be given to 3rd world countries

This is just an idea. They could organize a football game, for charity it is like just for fun, but you could help. its like an official game, except that every cent be given to the poor.

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    May 31 2014: Giving game money winnings to a third world country may help with a temporary need or emergency, but it won't do any good for the long term. In reality, many third world countries have become accustomed to charity that they have not developed the desire or discipline to become self-reliant.

    What first and second world countries must do is to stop deceiving and exploiting third world countries. What third world countries must do is to educate their citizens, instill discipline, eradicate corruption, and learn from countries who used to be poor and adopt the measures they have taken to eradicate ignorance, poverty, and corruption.

    Donating game winnings, as Mr. Maloney puts it, is "a drop in the ocean".
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    Jun 6 2014: Most people are right in saying that it wouldn't help nearly enough - charity is ok in the short term but these countries are still dependant on us giving them our scraps? I don't like it for that reason - we're helping in the wrong ways. I think the money raised could be used to improve education and give them proper opportunities that we ourselves have. build schools, have good teachers. Create job opportunities and pay them a proper wage so they can start earning money to provide for themselves. We have to stop taking advantage of these countries and genuinely help them.

    I think the amount of money that the football industry creates is obscene, and its dished out to people who kick a ball around as a job. Its true that even a small amount of that could go so far in helping in 3rd world countries. But I think charities need to take a different approach to actually helping improves peoples lives long term and not short term.
  • May 28 2014: I've been thinking about it, if money cant help. Respect and Discipline would. a country would be as wealthy as any other country if leaders are changed. problem is, they dont care about people they care about money.
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    May 30 2014: There is an old expression.... give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a life time..

    Then if we give a man a dollar and he spends it in a day, teach a man to earn a dollar and he earns for a life time.

    True charity is not just giving money, it is giving someone in poverty tools to get out of poverty.

    And we must be careful, our standards of living is not the standards of others. We may think that others should live like us and they may think.... who would want to live like that.
    • May 31 2014: It's "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime; give a man someone else's fish, and he votes for you forever."
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        Jun 1 2014: I guess if you give a man someone else's dollar the same holds true. It's a sad state of affairs.
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    May 28 2014: It wouldn't help. The main problem with third world countries is not poverty but poor leadership. Third world countries have functioning industries it's just that the money they make isn't used to better the country, it's unfairly financing the lavish lifestyles of a few in power. So if you give money to people who won't use it the right way they will just keep using it on themselves and not the people who need it most. A better way to help would be to invest in something in a third world country like refurbishing run down industries, creating employment etc...
    • May 31 2014: You raised a quite common point,I don't believe it either. The problems with third world countries are security,education and equality of resources allocation,etc. If you truly want to help,try to provide quality education to the children,wipe out terrorist groups in those countries. After that,they will attract more investment,that is what mobilize their countries.
      • Jun 3 2014: Gee, security, education, resource allocation--ALL OF THAT DETERMINED BY THE TINPOT DICTATORS WHO LEAD THOSE COUNTRIES!

        The problem is leaders. Throw all the money in the world at those countries and their leaders would just steal it to line their own pockets.

        Join the real world.
        • Jun 4 2014: Leaders aren't playing a decisive role,what if we let Obama to lead a group of monkeys?Will he be able to reason with them?
      • Jun 4 2014: So, you are saying that the entirety of the USA consists of subhuman animals. In that case NOTHING AT ALL MATTERS AND THERE IS NEVER ANY SOLUTION FOR ANYTHING! Giving money to third world countries solves NOTHING. The leaders there are so thoroughly corrupt that it gets stolen quite quickly.
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    Jun 10 2014: Yes you are right. It should be should done like that in my view also. When you help poor people by feeding than food, giving them shelter, by giving them cloth and most importantly one should help poor people's child by providing good education with that money.

    With the help of good education you can definitely helping that poor child in gaining knowledge and that make him earn good after you year. That make changes in life of poor family.
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    Jun 7 2014: I'm currently living and volunteering with an NGO in Cambodia, with a view to finding an NGO job and working here on a long term basis. It's my first time working in a developing country, and I've been fortunate enough to work with people who have had a broader range of experience. One of the things I've learned already is how important it is to understand the local context. Many people have posted on here talking about the root causes of the problems developing countries face. Yes there are common themes, but I think it's also important to remember that this is not a homogenous set of countries. Each has a unique historical context underpinning current challenges. And those common themes will manifest to different extents, and in different forms.
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    Jun 6 2014: What if, soccer or football fans spent one game-day a month helping their community instead of wasting all that time and money at and going to the game?
    With the average stadium capacity is about 70,000 and 3 hours of time = 210,000 man-hours.
    Think about it?
    I have to wonder what would a country look like if pro-sports were ban for year.
  • Jun 4 2014: Not a bad fundraising idea. It would have to go to reliable organizations that have proven they are doing good. If the NFL, NBA, or NHL decided to do a game like that, it would mean a ton of money that should go to the poor. That doesn't necessarily mean that it will go to the right people though.

    This is a good idea, keep going at it.
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      Jun 5 2014: How much does the NFL and NFL Players (or other high paid players) already contribute to charity?

      Here's a thought: Use college players. They work for free!
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    Jun 4 2014: Neither will the winner pay the money to them nor will they accept.
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    Jun 2 2014: How much does the NFL and NFL Players already contribute to charity?
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    Jun 1 2014: How about we send the football players to go teach football to kids in third world countries? I think that would be pretty darn cool.
  • May 31 2014: That is called charity,but it is not sustainable in this capitalist world.
    • Jun 3 2014: Socialism isn't charity. Socialism is using the power of government to steal and redistribute. Capitalism has no effect on charity. Charity is a personal choice. When government colludes with industry owners, it is no longer capitalism. It is a twisted form of socialism, where the government steals from the poor to give to the rich.
      • Jun 4 2014: Yep,you are right,socialism is not charity either. In my opinion,socialism and capitalism are pretty much the same,they all indulge the gap of income,inequality. This world is a mean and cruel place,all we should do is adapting to it. Take on your own dream and be what you want to be.
        • Jun 4 2014: In that case, there is no such thing as charity.
  • May 31 2014: it was like the proposed world cup at brazil they are spending so much money just for that. but the kids and the people are trying to survive on what they can!
  • May 30 2014: That would certainly end the games quick... maybe a good thing, they could plow up the fields and grow gardens, then the kids would learn something useful.
  • May 28 2014: Cute gesture, but a drop in the ocean. What if Bill Gates gave his entire annual income to "3rd world countries". The "money winnings" of a football game are diddly doo compared to the wealth of someone like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates.