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It would be nice to have the videos available on free codec formats such as webm/vp8 and be able to view them online without plugins.

Adobe Flash plugin is a known vector for several security issues, not to mention privacy issues and bad CPU/memory use. Plus there are systems and browsers that cannot play the patent-encumbered mp4 format that some videos like this one are published in.

With HTML5 it is already possible to play embeded videos without plugins and without proprietary codecs, the format is already supported in Firefox, Chrome and Opera

I think releasing videos in webm/vp8 would help the idea of freely spreading ideas worth spreading and contribute to a more open web while at it.

Please consider this suggestion :)

And thanks for the great videos!

  • May 31 2014: Hi Dear is the most available idea for people to sharing informatoin to each other.Hope the operation system software can do it soon.