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Is love overrated?

Why is society is revolving around love and sex? Isn't there more to life than love? Basically, is love overrated or is it really as crucial as the modern makes it to be?

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    Jun 3 2014: Love is not overrated. Love is misunderstood and most people are confused about it.

    People sometimes talk about "unconditional love" as though there is also a "conditional love." But there is no such thing as "conditional love," all love is unconditional. Anything else is effectively a business transaction: "If you give me (whatever) then I'll give you (something) in exchange." The other side of this coin is "If you don't give me what I want, then I'll give you something you won't like." That is definitely not love.

    Having (getting) sex doesn't necessarily have anything to do with love. It very often has to do with gaining personal pleasure which sometimes is focused on abusing one's sex partner rather than giving pleasure. "I'll treat you nice if you give me sex" is a business deal. "I'll use you for sex" has to do with egotistical self-gratification. "I'll abuse you sexually" has to do with egotistical power trips that may seem to provide some sort of satisfaction that likely has little or nothing to do with pleasure.

    Love is the only 'thing' we can give away yet never run out. The more we give love, the more we experience love, yet it should never be given with the intent to experience it more. Giving love is giving a gift. Once given, one needs to completely let go of the giving and the gift given. It is up to the recipient to do whatever they may or may not be inclined to do in response to that gift, including choosing to receive or not receive it. The anticipated, actual or perceived response to love given cannot have any bearing on the giving or the giver, otherwise it simply becomes yet another business transaction.

    If we could each open ourselves to giving more love, with no concern for receiving love or anything else in return, we would each experience much more love, we would be permeated with love, our lives would be unimaginably more rewarding and fulfilling, and the world would be a vastly nicer place for all beings (not only humans).
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    May 27 2014: Society revolves around sex because it sells and because it's a mystery for many, especially in societies where people are not open about sex. Society revolves around love because it's needed.

    Love is not overrated if anything we need more of it. Love for our neighbours so that we stop hurting each other and we treat every human being as our equals. Love withing families because that's the first place a child can learn how to love and so that the child grows well. Love for self so that one can be the best version of them self that they can be. The people you hang around, the things you do in your spare time, you don't do all that because it's convenient you do those things because of the way they make you feel.

    Then there is the erotic/intimate love between two people.
    My answer is still that love is not overrated. If anything that love is what adds to the population! Human beings are capable of living and surviving on their own but there is always that need for companionship. There are things that some of us, well most of us just can't experience on our own. Family and friends can fulfill that need for companionship but only up to a certain extent and that's why we go out and look for someone to share these experiences with.

    The only thing I think though is that love has been misrepresented a lot and reduced to only mean sex. Infidelity is a growing trend and that's quite unfortunate but love is still needed.
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    Jun 10 2014: Some further thoughts on Love and sex...

    "Making love" is often used synonymously with "having sex" or "copulating" but, as I noted in my previous comment, "having sex" doesn't necessarily have anything to do with love, in spite of our euphemism.

    "Making Love" might best be thought of as "making Love" manifest in some way - "making Love" visible, tangible, palpable, real in our lives. Thinking of it this way means that "making Love" does not necessarily even need to involve any sexual activity.

    "Making Love" manifest can mean doing any of a vast number of things that could be labeled as as acts of kindness, compassion, consideration, respect, support, assistance, encouragement, inspiration, etc. It could simply be smiling at someone, or opening a door for them. It could be helping someone do something, or even preventing them from doing something, such as harming themselves or someone else. It could be giving someone a gift. There are endless possibilities for "making Love" manifest, for others as well as for one's self.

    Treating others as one would like to be treated, applying the "Golden Rule" is an act of Love - "making Love" manifest in the world.

    "Making Love" manifest while engaging in sex with a partner is a very special case because it is so incredibly intimate. Doing this as consciously, openly and unselfishly as possible means that making love sexually is the most complete and most fulfilling experience of "making Love" manifest that we humans can experience. It is in this experience that partners can most completely merge with each other into a oneness of bliss that is difficult if not impossible to realize in any other way. That's because this involves a holistic merging: merging physically, emotionally, intellectually, energetically and spiritually ... as completely as humanly possible.

    Love is not overrated.

    Go forth and "make Love" manifest in the world...
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    May 29 2014: I think that love can be misunderstood, unrequited, and/or quite a painful feeling to experience when a relationship ends, but it's definitely not overrated. That being said, society revolves around "love and sex" because, biologically speaking, without "love and sex," it would spell the end of our society and our species (for the reasons that Ashley eloquently outlined).

    Isn't there more to life than love? Well, there are different kinds of "love," but without it, life would be quite dull and miserable. I couldn't live without my love for my family and friends, or for my love for music, art, entertainment, science, technology, food, nature, alcoholic beverages, etc. In fact, it's "love" that makes my life livable. Without it, I wouldn't have any motivation to propel myself further in life, or to even wake up and get out of bed for that matter.

    In regards to how crucial love is, I suppose the real issue at hand is how we are choosing to define "love." After a few bad relationships, many people tend to grow quite cynical and cautious over using the word "love." From there, it becomes easy to question whether such feelings associated with this word really exist (i.e. perhaps these feelings are just the result of electrical and chemical signals in our brain), or whether these feelings are altogether necessary (i.e. why should we have these feelings if we are only going to get hurt again). Don't fall into this trap of negative thinking, as regardless of how cynical and jaded one can get, remember that love extends beyond intimate relationships. As previously explained, life would be quite dull and miserable without love.
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    May 20 2014: love cant be overrated why , because Either in Media or in real life , when we try to explain or express the love to the persons who not even had the feeling . they might have took that in an exaggerated way, like its a heavily happiness or it hurt like hell. so when they get committed , instead of loving they start to implement the gathered knowledge about love in their life , in that case it may get imbalanced. According to me , love is not relates to happy or sad , it remains same in both the situations. when we really felt it , we will realize that its both HARD and SOFT feeling with same proportions.

    In some cases for love , peoples will behave aggressively to get what they wish to have . they will say , that they cant sustain it , they can do anything for it , they cant live without it , these overrated behavioral aspects are not considered as LOVE.