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Information During Wartime

Should the government restrict the public's "right to know" during wartime?

  • Gail G3

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    Apr 12 2014: In the USA, government's restricting the public's right to know has gotten us into all of our wars. I believe in freedom of the press and openness in government. I do not want to exchange my freedom for security. There is no security, in the context that government promises. There is freedom though - as long as one understand that true freedom bears no resemblance to the serfdom that Americans now call "FREEDOM!"
    • Apr 12 2014: Wow Gail, I could not have said it better. Your eyes are open and your mind is clear. Unfortunately the masses are not so inclined, so keep spreading the word.
  • Apr 12 2014:  The government should restrict the public's "right to know" during wartime because of spies.