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Do you use social media in classroom?

Everybody knows that social media is all around...

I haven't used any of social media platforms in my classroom.
My colleague has a great experience with use of Twitter classroom hashtag.

I would like to create Facebook class page to share interesting content with students. By the way, here is useful Facebook Guidelines For Educators:

Do you have any experience with social media in classroom?
Maybe you'd suggest to use another SM platform for classroom purposes (I have found great list of social media platforms for educators: )?
What content do you usually share with students?

  • Mar 2 2014: Hi Dear Bill,I often downloaded videos from internets which are concerns about my teaching to share with my students.Meanwhile I use E-mail,QQ tools(the most popular Chinese people chatting software in China) to learn together with students.all of them do work,more convenient to help each other learning.

    I always suggest students to use vaious ways to access their learning:searching from internet,sharing and discussing with people around,reading books which can help them...
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    Mar 1 2014: i think that schools are struggling to utilise communication technology effectively.

    it's only natural that there is confusion about what to use and how to use it at this stage of the technology invasion.

    a lot of it is rubbish and "token technology".

    tools of convenience and "making learning fun" are creeping slowly but surely into the mindset of a lot of people. neither of these things are beneficial to learning unless they are used that way for a purpose, certainly not as a general approach across the board.

    i think it's the teaching staff that need to be using tech more than the students - streamlining and reducing face to face meetings, communicating with parents, creating/sharing resources, creating the change that everyone seems to be talking about but that no one is willing to action.

    as for social media in the classroom, it's the facet of tech that should be kept separate from the classroom. there are other tools that do similar jobs but are more appropriate.
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    Mar 1 2014: As a high school student me and my peer group use social media all the time in and out of the classroom. We don't use it in the classroom for personal reasons, we use social media as a medium to send out invites to school events, reminders of when the school newspaper is coming out or for AP study groups. We only use social media for personal reasons at school during breaks. In my social issues class we discuss the power of social media and we use it as a topic of discussion. On top of that my teachers use youtube for educational purposes such as watching documentaries or things of that nature. Social media isn't all bad it just has to be used in the right way.
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    Mar 1 2014: Social media use is not for classrooms. Students/pupils should listen to their teachers. If any learner feels so bored and feels social media would be much more fun, such fellow should just walk out and focus on it.

    My point is: Focus on the job at hand!