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Why are there constantly no TED talks available for translation into Chinese Traditional?

Hi, I am a volunteer TED translator and am relatively new to this. I can translate in Chinese Traditional and Chinese (Yue). However, whenever I login to Amara, I can't seem to find available TED talks for me to translate into Chinese Traditional. I was wondering if this is because they are all taken due to the large number of translators for Chinese Traditional or some other navigational issue that I am unaware of. I am able to find translation tasks for Chinese Traditional for TEDx and TEDed though.

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    Jun 26 2013: Hi Michelle, all TED Talks are indeed already translated or assigned to Traditional Chinese translators -- this is why you don't see any available assignments.

    When a translation or review assignment is available, you will see it in Amara on your dashboard tab and on the tasks tab filtered for Traditional Chinese ( We hope you're able to secure an assignment soon, but TED ED and TEDx talks are good alternatives in the meantime :)

    Feel free to contact if you have other questions.
  • Jun 28 2013: Thank you Jenny. Your reply was very informative!
    I was also wondering if you may know why a few talks I've translated into Chinese (Yue) haven't been approved yet even though they have passed review. I tried looking up the language coordinator for Chinese (Yue) but was unable to find one.. Will my Chinese (Yue) translations be published in the near future?
    Here are the talks I've completed translations for and have passed review for your reference:

    I have also successfully completed a Chinese Traditional translation for a TED ED talk. Does this make me eligible for a TED translator badge or do I need to have completed a TED talk as well?

    Thanks in advance!