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A viral campaign to spread awareness about other cultures and ways of being.

I want to help start a viral campaign that highlights human experiences from around the world. For example, selecting one of the examples provided in these videos, and creating a small media package to be virally distributed to the general public. It could include images text and video hosted online, accessed through a QR code distributed in a manner to be determined. (Cards? Coins? Posted on walls?)

I just get the feeling that spreading awareness through concentrated, carefully selected examples might do some good. Might inspire some people to reach out, to change how they think, or even simply start thinking.


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    Apr 4 2013: Nice Idea, perhaps a little ambitious. People have to be tolerant of their immediate neighbors. There are civil wars (weird term) all of the world; you can't tell one side from the other. As far as going viral is concerned: . Maybe the question should be how do we bring about world peace?
  • Apr 4 2013: My way of getting to know folks world wide, is by joining a social network that has members from around the world. It is very simple and has enlighten me on various cultures. I am friends with many folks all over the world & we have accept each other & learned.
    Simple but effective way to become enlightened.
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    Apr 6 2013: Can we really control whether something goes viral or not? Doesn't that happen spontaneously when the public really likes something, and they tell their friends about it, or the newspapers talk about it, or the TV news?

    I would think there's already oodles of stuff like you mention already on the Web.

    It seems to me it might be smarter to analyze why certain stuff goes viral, and then try to apply that to your project. For instance, why did the music video "Gangnam Style" go viral, with hundreds of millions of hits? If you can figure that out, maybe you can apply it to your project.
  • Apr 5 2013: So I would think that while a documentary discussing different viewpoints and cultures would be extremely helpful in this regard, it would only be a start. Imagine a TV show that was broadcast similar to a news report where different events from around the world were discussed specifically for the benefit of anyone interested to learn about different cultures. Instead of news anchors, sports commentators, meteorologists (or weathermen), why not have personalities from different cultural backgrounds. I would think that getting enlightened members of different cultures and faiths; peaceful, respectfull people who would simply discuss what the topics mean from their particular perspective. I should think we pick religious figures such as priests, rabbi's, monks, Imam's, etc., who wish to share their take on things. It should be important that these individuals be tolerant, respectfull, and experts in their particular background. They should also be funny, intelligent, and charismatic, likeable characters. I can think of examples of each of these that I have seen in some tv show or another but I would like real, unscripted people. Thoughts?
  • Apr 4 2013: Your idea is on par with a documentary style film that I would like to produce. Would like to talk with you more on this subject.
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    Apr 4 2013: You are right, such a campaign could inspire people to change their thinking or even to start to think.
    Awareness of the vastness of the world and its diversity is an individual responsibility; and unfortunately, only few people actually care about other cultures and ideologies.
    Online media can also decieve us into thinking that we've done so much when we've actually done little or nothing. I remember the Kony2012 campaign, some folks clicked 'like' on some online platform and thinks he or she has done so much.

    Our perceptions and ideas and views are important; but there is more to the world than can be learnt from our comfort zone.
    So you wanna know the world? The proof of desire is pursuit.
  • Apr 4 2013: These are all good ideas. This is why I read a side range of materials, follow edge, follow TED. look at the Huffington Post, look at PBS, listen to NPR, etc. Some people seem to avoid media that show us a larger world. When I was in the Marines, I spent one year outside America. It is amazing how much some people complain.