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What if we could expand on the idea of micro grids and produce private independent energy products for individual and commercial needs?

Lovins' energy ideas are necessary and innovative. Evolving the way we produce and consume energy is the best way to increase efficiency and reduce costs in both commercial and private use.

What if we could go a step further and engineer a product that produced and provided electrical power at the users site or property? Something to the effect of a diesel generator without the diesel. A clean renewable power supply that continually produced electrical energy.

If there was such a product it would drastically reduce the burden on the current electrical grid. It would certainly give private business, governments and individuals more choices in how they use electrical power, which would create a greater competitive market in the energy industry.

This alone would decrease costs. I would certainly be interested in a product that would get me out from under the municipal utility monopoly that provides my electricity to my suburban home.