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I am proposing to somehow trace the exponential growth of a dollar from investment to investment.

It would ideally explain the importance of investing even if it is just a few dollars here and there for a small share of stock, gold, etc. Even if as a collective a few impoverished families invested with one another the gains could be worth more than the physical dollar amount they posses.

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    Aug 3 2012: Start with the amount you are talking about investing and then compound interest or earnings, showing the accrued total year 1, year 2, year 3? Or are you looking to provide an appealing visual depiction of the activity through which the investment accrued?
    I am looking for what the puzzle is that you are struggling with.
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      Aug 3 2012: Perhaps there should also be a graph of the value of the dollar itself during each year/time frame. That way, you can really assess how much you've gained/lost.
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    Aug 3 2012: So, you want some kind of graph to plot the dollar's growth?