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How do we get people to own their responsibilities to their completion?

There are many crises in the world that were, by all accounts, unavoidable. There are many crises and tragedies that have happened that were entirely avoidable. There were people with the right information, in a position to influence, and the conscience to speak the truth...but not the conviction to stay on the alert and in the face of those who could have stopped it.

The September 11th, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon had several warnings that could have and (though it's easy to say now) should have alerted authorities to the plans, if not the people.

The housing bubble crash in 2008 was predicated on fraudulant and adjustable-rate mortgages, ETF's based on those mortgages, and credit-default swaps. With all the agencies, industries, experts, and people involved in Large-Scale banking and the Housing market...there were plenty of people who knew what was likely coming. Alan Greenspan acknowledged it in 2005. What was done simply wasn't enough.

Lastly, the tragic case of Jerry Sandusky (former assistant football coach at Penn State University) and a 14-year trail of child molestation and rape. His actions could have been stopped at varying points by people who saw him for what he was, people who saw what he had done, people with the authority to remove him from having access to children, remove him from further tarnishing a community, a university, and most-importantly an unacceptably large number of young boys.

How do we create the culture of personal integrity, empower the individuals, and put ourselves in position to stave off avoidable crises in the future?

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    Apr 1 2012: "How do we create the culture of personal integrity, empower the individuals, and put ourselves in position to stave off avoidable crises in the future?"

    Kevin, all throughout this wonderful site are people from all walks of life, all kinds of belief systems, all ages, all cultures, all kinds of socio-economic backgrounds, all genders.....and we all want change.

    Change starts with us. We can be change agents. We need to be honest, caring, kind-hearted individuals who put others interests ahead of our own.

    Start with changing you. Then set the example. And if you belong to a group that does positive things in your community, then great!!!

    But, realize this, the world is getting smaller and smaller. In seconds we find out when someone has been seconds!!!! There's nowhere to hide. Maybe people will start to realize that. Like a quote I love says:

    "People don't change because they see the light, the change because they feel the heat"

    Good question....Bible study will help you find good answers. They have helped me to help others.

    Be Well,
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    Apr 1 2012: We humble ourselves and pray, turn from our wicked ways and seek God's face.
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    Apr 2 2012: Since the opening sentiment seems to be that God will change all of us from within if we but seek him, I'll see if I can further this discussion in that light. If you think on the Parable of the Talents (either from Matthew or Luke). What would it take to bring about a culture where people (particularly those in positions of highest responsibility) were encouraged to do the utmost and not just "bury their talents in the ground" to keep them safe.

    We, of all faiths, have too much the "go along to get along" culture and find good people silenced or silencing themselves for 'minor evils' which allow greater evils to flourish.

    @Mary - If you believe, as your quote states, that people need to feel the heat in order to be changed from their ways, how do we ensure the heat is applied to all responsible parties instead of a scapegoated few. As long as only a few heads roll, the odds are in the favor of the wrong-doer.

    Also, the world is not really getting smaller, information is becoming faster. That means true and accurate information as well as false and fabricated information. Fiction and near-truths and commentaries parading as news circulate as fast, if not faster than real news. If anything, there are more places to hide now than before (so long as you haven't positioned yourself in the spotlight).

    I don't wish to expunge the slothful, vein, or weak of will. There will always be aspects of this in human society as it is the baser form of human nature. My question is ultimately how to we get those of sufficient high character into the roles that are duty-bound to protect the rest of us. A weak will or low character makes for a poor or porous guard, as we've seen time and again in the world.
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      Apr 2 2012: I am having a difficult time giving you an answer. Mostly it is because of the fact that we cannot control people. People lie. People have hidden agendas.

      We can only control ourselves. Regardless where we live in the world, we can make the lives of those around us better if we are kind individuals.

      I have held leadership roles in various organizations. Guess what? It is hard to get people to do what you want. People basically change when they feel the it or you are fired!!! They don't act because they are enlightened....they have to be forced.

      Well Kevin, as a person of faith, I know it does not belong to humans even to direct their steps (Jeremiah 10:23). Also, I am aware that I cannot put my trust in man to whom no salvation belongs (Psalms 146:3).

      And as far as talents, well they are to be used by christians in harmony with God's will, not to advance social or political issues, but to advance the kingdom other words, telling others the good news that there is a hope of a better world under the rulership of God's son. Why else pray for God's kingdom to come and God's will to be done on earth?

      Or, do you think God's will is to be done on earth through human hands? Because that is not the way I understand it.

      There is so much to say on this topic.

      Perhaps the points I bring out are not what you wanted to hear.

      I am just as concerned about all the crazy things on the news as you, but I understand why it is happening, and what will bring an end to it. We are living in momentous times. Soon we will see changes that are unprecedented. As christians we have to be very alert at all times.
      May I recommend reading Matthew 24 (note verse 14) Matthew 28:19-20 and 2 Timothy 3:1-5 and of course 1 Timothy 2:3-4.

      Let me know if you want to further this line of talk.

      All my best.
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        Apr 19 2012: Mary, thank you for this. Sadly, though I am a person of faith, I am not heartened. It is, as you say, my belief that God's will is done, in part, by human hands. The hands are really just the tools as God's will is done through the spirit. That said it is neither here nor there.

        In it's current and historical configuration, I wouldn't want the world to be governed by Christians. Let me preface this, far too many Christians are followers and believers in name only. If they truly believed and followed the Word in its entirety beyond the reason and rationale of Man, I believe God's kingdom would have already come though only God can know that for certain. I believe a world governed by the Divine would do that, but the Garden of Eden was lost to us. A world of one tongue and culture might be able to do that, but we were scattered after the Tower of Babel.

        We can take the spiritual conversation only so far because we live in a world of believers and non-believers. We are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Shinto, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Atheist, Agnostic. As a human society, the Ideas Worth Sharing, must be ideas that apply outside our clan. To say the world will be better when everyone believes as I believe and the non-believers done away with doesn't speak to the world and doesn't solve anything in the world. In the end, as God is not a respecter of persons...the injustice, atrocity, and inequity that we face on this plane apply to Christians as well as everyone else. So the question is how to bring about a closer approximation to the Divine in this realm.

        If you believe it is a fatalistic premise then we must agree to disagree, but I would challenge you to re-read Genesis. Knowledge of Good and Evil gave Man the power of choice. It is our choice to embody, promote and revere the Divine as it is our choice to ignore it and give way to the Flesh. What can our choices do to make the world we want out of the world we have?
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          Apr 21 2012: Kevin, I enjoyed your thoughts.
          I believe that as followers of God we can bring light to the world.

          Do not confuse my words to mean that I believe in the superiority of believers over non-believers Kevin, on the contrary.

          As a believer, I have come to the realization that what is happening on earth today is a result of the attack, assault and blatant lies spread as cheap propaganda about the creator.

          We mere humans are not the is not about us. We have the opportunity to educate individuals about the truth in scripture, about who God really is. And, in the meantime, simultaneously, help neighbors and community in positive, practical ways.

          Look, some doctors who have faith in God, will work at their job of healing "whole-souled, as to the Lord".....their patients will be all the better for it. Others, engineers, teachers, chefs, mechanics, in turn do the same..

          .I remember attending an arts show a few years back and enjoyed the experience of meeting a christian painter. She had painted some beautiful art based on Isaiah's prophecies of how the earth will return to an edenic condition during the milleneum.

          God is patient Kevin, because as 2 Peter 3:9 shows he is not slow....he is giving all humans worldwide the opportunity to come to an accurate knowledge of truth, so that they are able to worship him correctly.

          And Kevin, you said "God is not a respecter of persons".......that reminded me of what the scriptures say in Acts 10:34 God is not a literal rendering this term means "God is not a taker of faces", that is, he does not favor one face over another. He is not partial.

          By adopting God's attitude and viewing everyone in our life as being potentially acceptable to God we will succeed as true Christian ministers.

          My faith has taught me to be neutral in politics.

          Only God's kingdom, a heavenly gov't ruled by Jesus, has my vote. IT is the solution to our problems.

          Could Jesus be ruling already from heaven today?
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    Apr 2 2012: This from the What's your favorite quote conversation for your consideration:

    "Every man thinks of changing the world, but no man thinks of changing himself". -Leo Tolstoy