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How can we recruit volunteers, resources and ideas for a project working to actually resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

I'm leading the Best Plans Project ( We ask a simple question that was never asked before: "Are there concrete plans that a majority of Israelis and the majority of Palestinians would prefer, in a well-considered manner, as a way out of the mess of the conflict?

The key elements of the idea are:
1. Anyone can support any number of different plans, not just one!
2. People can comment and evaluate plans and plan authors improve them accordingly

So our task is simple -- to have at least one plan that both majorities support. This can be done by involving millions and/or by using statistically representative samples. So far we have built a basic web site, held several conferences and attracted about 25 interesting plans, some of them already received mutual majority support in our conferences.-- admittedly not from a representative political sample.

We are now planning our next steps and therefore I decided to post this in the hope of learning from the community and/or attracting who and what we need at this stage.

Our highest priority needs are:
1. Translators between Arabic, Hebrew and English
2. Web designers and developers who can create a compelling and engaging experience that would encourage people to participate, interact with the plans, actively contribute their thinking etc.
3. Funding to be able make it all come alive on the ground as well as online

In addition we need access to Palestinian authorities to gain legitimacy for all Palestinian citizens to participate and freely express their needs, hopes and aspirations as well as evaluate plans that are very out of the box.

Any help or comment you can offer is greatly appreciated!


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    Mar 16 2012: try both what do you have to lose? stay safe.
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    Mar 15 2012: What comes immediately to my mind is the question, whether people on both sides really want a solution to the conflict.
    Looking at it from the outside, it more often than not seems to me that the conflict goes already on for so long that people made it part of their lives.
    Making sure that people actually want a solution is the very first step, before coming up with any plan as to how to solve the conflict.
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      Mar 16 2012: Hi Herald,

      All people want to get past the conflict. Some of them DESIRE for this to happen by the physical or symbolic destruction of some party, others work for such destruction because they see no other choice.

      Our question for any single person is what are ALL the plans you are willing to approve in a referendum. See our web site for further details.

      I hop this answers your question...