About TEDxChange

TEDxChange is a yearly event hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that addresses themes of health and development. This year we are launching the TEDxChange Pilot Program. Twelve TEDx events from around the world will work together to curate their own TEDxChange sessions at their events. The topics will be vast - ranging from vaccines, polio, malaria, HIV/AIDS to maternal/newborn child health, education, and agricultural development.

About TEDxChange and the Pilot Program

TEDxChange Pilot Program Talks

We encourage you to spread the spirit of TEDxChange to your local communities. Here are some ways you can share these ideas :

  • If you are a TEDx organizer, share the spirit of global change by playing a TEDxChange talk at your standard TEDx event!
  • If you are not a TEDx organizer, share TEDxChange talks with your networks, and engage them in discussion about the ideas that excite you.

Here are some great TEDxChange talks to choose from:

TEDxChange talk: To build a country
Patrick Ndimubanzi
To build a country
TEDxChange talk: Women who light the dark
Paola Gianturco
Women who light the dark

Organizers taking part in the Pilot Program

These TEDx event organizers are piloting the TEDxChange Pilot Program in their communities. Visit their event pages to learn more.

TEDxChange organizer: Stephan Balzer
Stephan Balzer

TEDxChange organizer: Antonella Broglia
Antonella Broglia

TEDxChange organizer: Bruno Ruganzu
Bruno Ruganzu

TEDxChange organizer: Michel Levy-Provencal
Michel Levy-Provencal

TEDxChange organizer: Natascia Radice
Natascia Radice

TEDxChange organizer: Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta

TEDxChange organizer: Nate Mook
Nate Mook

TEDxChange organizer: Chikwe Ihekweazu
Chikwe Ihekweazu

TEDxChange organizer: James Flanagan
James Flanagan

TEDxChange organizer: Kelo Kubu
Kelo Kubu

TEDxChange organizer: Bruno Cheuiche Vieira da Cunha
Bruno Cheuiche Vieira da Cunha

Past TEDxChange events

TEDxChange 2013 stage

TEDxChange 2013 took place on April 3, 2013 at The Gates Foundation headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The event, themed “Positive Disruption,” invited speakers to discuss and explore fresh perspectives on global health, development and education. Learn more