Bose shared their latest innovation in sound with TED hoping to inspire unique applications. In the partnership, Bose provided TED Fellows the new SoundWear Companion speaker to see how they would create immersive experiences for their audiences. These Fellows discovered unique ways to integrate the technology and enhance their spectacle. Watch how in our exclusive video series.

Gabriel Barcia-Colombo

TED Fellow Gabriel Barcia-Colombo created his own unique spin on a soundstage, an immersive theatrical experience that put participants in the front seat of a series of dramatic situations.

Holladay Brothers

Ryan and Hays Holladay imagine bold new ways of marrying music, sound and place into brilliant site specific compositions. Their latest pop-up installation added sound and color to a Los Angeles landmark.

Tech breakthrough playlist
Playlist (14 talks)

Tech breakthrough

These onstage demos offer a mind-blowing peek at where technology is taking us. Flying robots, levitating superconductors, brainwave-reading headsets and more.
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The inventor's corner playlist
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The inventor's corner

How a creative spark became a full-fledged idea, became a prototype, became an amazing invention.
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