A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of oceans.

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Your body’s amazing reaction to water

Featured image: Photo of freediver Hanli Prinsloo by Annelie Pompe. Writer James Nestor explores the science of the “mammalian dive reflex,” the phenomenon by which water trigge...

Idea in pictures: Wave bye bye to Nereus

We know from the likes of Robert Ballard and Edith Widder (seriously, watch her priceless reaction to seeing close-up footage of a giant squid for the first time) that deep-se...

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Ocean wonders

11 talks • 2h 46m
Dive into the unexplored universe beneath the waves: the beautiful, fragile (and sometimes terrifying) world of the ocean.

Daryl Hannah: 11 talks that inspired me

11 talks • 2h 40m
Daryl Hannah gathers TED Talks that span the globe, from the Black Hills Mountains of the United States to the underwater worlds of Antarctica.