A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of oceans.

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Your body’s amazing reaction to water

Writer James Nestor explores the science of the “mammalian dive reflex,” the phenomenon by which water triggers an immediate decrease in heart rate. In 1949, a stocky Italian ai...

Idea in pictures: Wave bye bye to Nereus

We know from the likes of Robert Ballard and Edith Widder (seriously, watch her priceless reaction to seeing close-up footage of a giant squid for the first time) that deep-se...

Video playlists about Oceans

Ocean wonders

11 talks • 2h 46m
Dive into the unexplored universe beneath the waves: the beautiful, fragile (and sometimes terrifying) world of the ocean.

Daryl Hannah: 11 talks that inspired me

11 talks • 2h 40m
Daryl Hannah gathers TED Talks that span the globe, from the Black Hills Mountains of the United States to the underwater worlds of Antarctica.