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A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of mental health.

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How should we talk about mental health?

Mental health suffers from a major image problem. One in every four people experiences mental health issues — yet more than 40 percent of countries worldwide have no mental heal...

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All kinds of minds

9 talks • 2h 12m
These powerful stories shatter preconceived notions about mental illness, and pose the provocative question: What can the world learn from different kinds of minds?

TED Books

TED Book: Learning from the Voices in my Head

Learning from the Voices in My Head

Eleanor Longden survived years in harsh psychiatric care. Now on the cusp of earning her Ph.D. in psychology, she still hears voices -- and says she wouldn't live without them.

TRH: Mental Health

Episode: The Unquiet Mind

We’ve all had that moment. The moment where you might see or hear something and you wonder: Am I going crazy? In this hour, TED speakers share their experiences straddling that line between madness and sanity – and question if we’re all in the gray area between the two. Listen now