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Sugata Mitra's 5 favorite education talks

5 talks • 1h 26m
2013 TED Prize winner Sugata Mitra is an educator who helps kids learn to teach themselves. Here are 5 talks that align with his vision of education's future.

Dave Eggers: 4 talks that are spot-on

4 talks • 39:29
As Dave Eggers says, "The best TED Talks make sense of complicated ideas and trends, and have an elegant simplicity to them. It’s plenty of time to get across a clear and bold idea.” Below, his notes on 4 great talks.

Jamie Oliver: 5 talks that inspired me

5 talks • 1h 07m
Jamie Oliver came to fame as the Naked Chef -- now he's made it his mission to transform the way we feed ourselves and our children, through his cookbooks, TV shows and the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. The 2010 TED Prize winner shares his 5 favorite talks.

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