Peace: humanity's eternal, elusive dream. Watch these TED Talks for inspiring ideas, practical advice and real-world examples of peace-making.

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War stories

13 talks • 3h 32m
We need to talk about war. These powerful, crucial talks come from soldiers, politicians, journalists and others who've seen the reality of war firsthand.

The road to peace

9 talks • 2h 03m
Peace. It's humanity's eternal, elusive dream. These speakers offer inspired ideas, practical advice and real-world examples from around the globe of how it just might be attainable.

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TED Book: The Terrorist's Son

The Terrorist's Son: A Story of Choice

The astonishing true story of an American boy raised on dogma and hate — a boy presumed to follow in his father’s footsteps — and the man who chose a different path.
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