A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of hacking.

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Open-source, open world

9 talks • 2h 15m
Embrace our wide-open shareable future -- where everything's hackable and the power of the crowd propels innovation.

Who are the hackers?

8 talks • 1h 55m
The Internet connects us as never before, but there's a dark side to this web. Who are the hackers who wreak havoc online? And what is it they want? Sociologists, criminologists and hackers themselves shed light …

Mikko Hypponen: 9 talks on tech … and fish

9 talks • 2h 41m
Mikko Hypponen lays it out: “The talks I chose for my playlist are about technology, security or privacy. Because geeks. Then I added the talk from Dan Barber. Because fish.”

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TRH: Hack

Episode: The Hackers

Science and technology now allow us to “hack” solutions to the biggest challenges of our time. But how far is too far? And what are the consequences of these hacks? In this hour, we hear stories from TED speakers who dare to hack the brain, the climate and even the animal kingdom in hopes of creating a better world. Listen now