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  • Mar 9, 2013

    The MAC Dallas, United States
    Speakers included: Carl Dorvil, Jenifer Fox, Sharon Lyle, Darren Collins, Roderick MacElwain, Candace Henry, Kate Belz, Jill Sobule, Chad Hauser, Peter Brown

    Event Type: Education

  • Feb 4, 2012

    Dallas, United States
    Speakers included: Jenifer Fox, Patrick J. Connolly, Josh Alan Friedman, Charles Glover, Christian Yazdanpanah, Andres Ramos, James D. Ray, Alex Hayes, Kyle Ross, Ph.D., Roderick MacElwain, Darren Collins, Scott Smith, Lisa Walker, Stan Woodward, Peter Brown

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Jacques Vroom
Dallas, TX, United States

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Jacques Vroom
2012, 2011