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Southampton, Bermuda
October 19th, 2013

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Confirmed Speakers

  • Mikiko Inoue
    Koto player who will open with an inspiring piece of contemporary koto music.
  • Jinichi Kawakami
    Japan's Last Ninja: as the last in a bloodline lineage of ninja, Mr. Kawakami will explain the role of ninja in today's world.
  • Natalie Kuldell
    Synthesizing Change: Garage Genomics
  • Bren Smith
    Farming the Oceans: Toward a Blue/Green Economy
  • Arlene Brock
    Bermuda's Ombudsman: A Matter of Fact
  • Dr. Rafael Grossman
    Ok Glass, Pass the Scalpel... using Google Glasses in the medical environment
  • Hip Hop Fundamentals
    Teaching Physics with Breakdance
  • Andrew Park
    Making Visual Confectionery -
  • Chip Yates
    There Is No Innovation Without Risk - 16 world record holder and electric powered daredevil talks about his latest project.
  • Jeremy Gilley
    Peace One Day - The Journey Peace One Day’s objective is to institutionalise Peace Day 21 September. Throughout the years, millions of people have been active on Peace Day in every country of the world, and hundreds of organisations have carried out life-saving activities in areas of conflict.
  • Dr Robert Lustig
    Sugar: The Elephant in the Kitchen

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Fairmont Southampton

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This event occurred in the past.
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John Narraway
Hamilton Parish, Bermuda

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Niklas Traub
Warwick, Bermuda

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Sophie Mathew
Executive Committee - Logistics and Speaker Selection
Paul Shapiro
Executive Committee - Marketing
Kim Carter
Executive Committee - Sponsors
Louis Galipeau
Executive Committee - Show Manager