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Theme: Link

This event occurred on
September 14, 2013
2:00pm - 6:00pm KST
(UTC +9hrs)
seoul, 11
South Korea

We are planning to host the event under the theme "Link." A number of suggestions are being made in order for our society to proceed to the next step; Communication, Empathy, Diversity, etc. But the TEDxSNU, amongst numerous factors of societal takeoff, focused on the connection between people. It is our belief that it is the "Link" between individuals, groups, fields of studies, even the third world and the developed world, that provides the basis for all those social activities which therefore leads to greater fruition and development.

Seoul National Univ., Daehak-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Korea
Gwanak-sa, Gaon hall
seoul, 11, 151-742
South Korea
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Dongheon Han

Han is currently the head of a coporation called Mic Impact, which is an event planning company specializing in lectures. Throughout various projects managed by Mic Impact, Han helps creating connection between various lecturers and people or who are in need of them. Also the lectures and projects that are held due to his helping hands also become a place for public communication and link.

Kooik Kwon

Kwon is a counselor of radio program called "Kyungchung" which means to listen attentively. He used to be a highschool teacher, until he experienced the loss of his son, who was a victim of school violence. "It is the isolation and the unconcern that does more damage than the violence itself" says Kwon. His radio program focuses on listening to the hardships of teenage students, prevent them from feeling isolated, and act as a window of communication for those suffering from growing pains of adolescence.

Hanna Song

Hanna Song is not just a curator, but is a museum curator. Museum curator Song curates complex museum containing the whole world, not only some exhibits. She thinks curating is a link of contexts. Also, she does 'Collective curating' that is, link of exhibition organization, design, architect and so on.. she emphasizes "Like museum curating, Curate your life."

EunYoung Choi

Eun Young Choi is Korean famous sand artist. Disconnected from the world, Eun Young Choi spent a very lonely twenties. To communicate with her innerself and others, she first started sand art. Now, through sand art, she is communicating with the world in various fields such as broadcasting, CF, music videos, performances, corporate training, and lectures.

Ahran Kim

Ahran Kim, manager of well-known Beautiful Foundation, is now dreaming “public laboratories” where ideas and funds are shared beyond foundation. You don’t need big money or decision. All you need is small warm heart, which empowers small creative ideas to change our society little by little."Sharing is not to open one's wallet but to open his heart," says Ahran Kim.

SeonJoo Yoon

Yoon is a country manager of EF Education First Korea. She requests people to have an 'inner compass' not just a professional job in themselves. SeonJoo Yoon, who has burnt herself to find out her dream by going through a lot of experiences in variety areas, hopes the young of Korea and World to have their own dreams with wide sights and diverse cultural experiences.

Eounho Kim

Kim is the representative of the publisher 'HanGilSa'. He thinks of the process of making one beautiful book as 'His destiny'. He sincerely commends that a book should play a role of 'link' of an author, a reader and a publishing company. Through his story, he lets people recognize how it links between readers and time, writers and publishers, and also which links make the culture of publishers.

JiWoong Park

JiWoong Park is the founder and CEO of 'Fast Track Asia', the first company builder in Korea that helps venture start-ups from laying plans for new businesses to develop their core capabilities. He strongly believes that start-ups, especially software companies are worthy of notice nowadays, because recent advances in mobile technology created a window of opportunity to them.

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