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This event occurred on
December 6, 2013
9:00am - 8:00pm GMT
(UTC +0hrs)
London, LND
United Kingdom

The lineup for TEDxIslingtonWomen has been confirmed, promising a full day of inspirational speakers including award-winning entrepreneur Zoe Peden, best-selling author Marina Pearson and international artist Meru.

Organised by entrepreneur and stand-up comedian Vaida Filmanaviciute, TEDxIslingtonWomen takes place next Friday, 6 December at Saddler's Wells in Clerkenwell. The topics covered range from love and intimacy to art, burlesque, business, politics and digital leadership, and the speakers come from a variety of backgrounds including a string of successful authors, mentors and entrepreneurs, as well as a former UN delegate and a burlesque artist. Organiser Vaida Filmanaviciute said: "All speakers been chosen for their inspirational messages, exemplary leadership or influence in their field. It's a day of inspiration and empowerment for anyone who is interested in women's issues, and you don't have to be a woman to fit in that category."

Sadlers Wells
Rosebery Avenue
London, LND, EC1R 4TN
United Kingdom
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TEDxWomen (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Jay Surti

Jay Surti is a Business Presentation Mentor, Speaker and Author of Authentic Business Presenter. Having worked in the corporate sector as a litigation lawyer she realised that many people struggle with delivering engaging presentations. Jay now helps executives and corporate professionals transform their presentations to make sure they engage with their audience and get their message across.

Sofie Sandell

Sofie Sandell is an entrepreneur with interests spanning from technology and leadership to art and sailing. She is a Swedish Londoner, a speaker and author and she also lectures in digital marketing at INSEEC University. Her book, Digital Leadership, about how creativity works in the digital world, was published in September 2013.

Zoe Penden

Zoe Peden is the co-founder and Chief Juggler at Insane Logic, an award-winning social enterprise that was recently named as one of the top 100 startups with £100m revenue potential. Insane Logic is dedicated to creating software and technology that changes lives and helps people communicate. Zoe believes that everyone should have the right to communicate and creating innovative technology is key to making this happen.

Meriliis Rinne

Meriliis Rinne, alias Meru, is an international successful artist who has gained recognition for her work, having exhibited in Tallinn, Copenhagen, Oslo and London. Among her other works Meru revels in painting female figures with a unique disposition as a woman painter. Her often spoken motto is: nothing is more powerful than talented people doing what they love. She is a perfect living example of her motto.

Chris Payne

Christopher John Payne has worked with hundreds of individuals and couples to help them move forward in their lives. He will be talking about the Crisis Of Intimacy which he notices more and more with clients where they’re experiencing a greater difficulty in connecting deeply with others, preferring instead to spend more time alone or with casual friends and acquaintances. Chris explains the problems this will cause society if not rectified, and ways to increase connection and intimacy in our day-to-day lives.

Annik Rau

Annik Rau has over 30 years' experience in being scared of speaking in public and declining speaking opportunities due to the fear of looking silly in front of peers before she started PONY Express Speaker Training. Today, in her model of the world, everyone loves speaking as much as she loves unicorns. Annik will be talking about how your life could be better by falling in LOVE with public speaking and what unicorns got to do with it. In the world of psychology, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for those fears. Wouldn't it be a great world if insecurities made us more attractive? Until this happens, let's explore ways to deal with those 'scary' thoughts and feelings right here and now.

Dion Johnson

Dion Johnson is a Champion of Midlife Women in Leadership and has worked with hundreds of women who find themselves fed up and stuck in a career and life rut, helping them to ditch the mundane and mediocre ‘dying off at your desk’ syndrome to create meaningful thrilling work and lives that they love and that brings out their best whilst making significant positive difference in their world.

Elizabeth Sullivan

Elizabeth Sullivan is a Love Mentor, formerly a Chartered Accountant working in the city, she now helps single professionals attract an amazing relationship. Originally from New Zealand, she moved to London in 1999, where her ongoing interest in psychology led to her retraining as a Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. She also teaches Hypnotherapy at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis.

Ilham Sebah

Ilham currently works in the field of psychology and has a strong background in the mental health and education sector. After gaining a prestigious Masters in Clinical Neuroscience from The Institute of Psychiatry (King’s College, London) her interest has been focused on bridging the gap between thoughts, behaviours and the relationship with the human brain. She has a strong passion for creating positive change by exploring the barriers that prevent us from reaching our potential. When she isn’t wearing her 'professional hat.' Ilham thrives on making new connections and getting people to laugh at her jokes, which are always hilarious in her mind.

Marina Pearson

Marina Pearson is the best-selling author of Goodbye Mr Ex and the founder of Your Pathway To Wisdom and The Innate Wisdom Retreats for Women. She has been featured in numerous magazines and tabloids and regularly writes for the Huffington Post, sharing her wisdom of how to overcome relationship and life stress. She is known for transforming stress into effortless living and her clients leave feeling at peace and free.

Edina Elek

After several very successful years in investment banking Edina Elek achieved her entrepreneurial ambitions, founding Siskin Property Investments in 2012 focusing on niche investment projects in London. Ms Elek is an active philanthropist and a business mentor for Cherie Blair foundation.

Laura Dzelzyte

Laura Dzelzyte has years of international climate experience at a senior political and executive level working as a climate finance expert and as the UN climate negotiator. The head of the Lithuanian delegation 2009-2010 in the UNFCCC process and now adviser to the Lithuanian government during the EU presidency, she continues participating in the international climate negotiations, commenting and publishing on climate issues and carbon markets. In 2011, Laura has been elected as the member of UN Adaptation Fund board, representing Eastern European Regional Group and now serves as the chair of the Programmes and Projects Committee. Laura is also a member of the Young Atlanticist Programme of the Atlantic Council and is involved in promoting liberal education.

Paulina Sygulska

Paulina is a serial entrepreneur, an aspiring geek and a networking junkie. Her most recent venture, GrantTree, is going from strength to strength helping top tech startups in the UK (Stack Exchange, Duedil, Go Cardless) secure Government funding for R&D, equity free. After hours, she likes to indulge in a bit of burlesque.Paulina will speak about her double life as a business woman and a burlesque performer and the lessons the former learnt from the latter. Expect controversy and a lot of entertainment!

Megan Cumming

At the age of 9, Megan exploded onto the stage and became the UK's youngest professional speaker. Sharing her story of overcoming bullying at such a young age, she has inspired thousands. Since going to high school her life has totally changed direction as she realised the only way to prevent bullying was to dig deeper and discover your inner strength. Starting her journey as a teenager has had its ups and downs particularly while she has searched for her place in the world. Megan will be talking about "A Teenagers Journey Of Inner Strength".

Sandra Donskyte

Sandra Donskyte is a founder of Bitch Online – an online publication and an offline community for Bold, Intelligent and in Total Control of Herself women and their male supporters. It connects ambitious empowering women and provides them with quality and edgy content. Bitch has led Sandra to take a series of bold entrepreneurial actions to turn her dedication for Anti-Sex Trafficking and adventure sports into meaningful projects to be introduced to you in 2014.

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