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Theme: re___

Richmond, VA, United States
March 28th, 2014

About this event

TEDxRVA 2013 featured live talks by impressive Richmonders, nationally known innovators and story tellers, and international change makers. Combine this with the enthusiastic attendees, the interactive experiences, and live energy from the “built from scratch” theater, we CREATEd a dynamic day. Little did we know how this event would tap into Richmond’s huge reservoir of passion to celebrate the region’s ingenuity and to share ideas across all disciplines. We are hooked and ready for year two!
In our second year we want to move the conversation forward. We want to to give ourselves room to engage, provoke, and inspire. Making a space for thinking about things differently and challenging our preconceptions is our goal.
On March 28th, 2014 we will host TEDxRVA: re___.
re___ is more than a theme; it’s an invitation, an action. It is a call for our community to lean in and bridge the gap. re___ leaves a space for you to add your voice to the conversation. Reconsider, re-imagine, react, repair, realize… there is no one word that can capture the future of our community, so we’re leaving it open to interpretation.
Behind the mic will be speakers who will not only challenge and energize, but show us a new definition of re___.

Venue and Details

The November Theatre
114 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA, 23220
United States
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This event occurred in the past.
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Andy Stefanovich
Richmond, VA, United States

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Organizer De325f3ffda179e9d420a442f77169c9d0114500_165x165

Timothy Couillard
Midlothian, VA, United States

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