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Andorra la Vella, Andorra
September 28th, 2013

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About this event

Our world is changing everyday. RE+VOLUTION wants to look for ideas about change, a positive change, experiences or activities that people in our community have gone through and want to share

Confirmed Speakers

  • Juti Gusi
    According to Charles Darwin "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." This is the way we may define Juti Gusi's life experience, He was diagnosed cirrhosis after a blood transfusion. He started a new life at 40, with new challenges, against all odds, he created a new business that helped him to get well in all walks of life. Here´s his story.
  • Eva Arasa
    Eva is a Journalist and Historian, she wonders what would have happened if Juliet would have sent a whatssup message to Romeo, she looks at all major literature works and their communication problems and what would have happened nowadays
  • Alex Puig
    Field explorer, mover and doer, autoundestructible. He's the kind of guy who enjoys breaking things. Just moved to Andorra. He helps us to think about our comfort zone and how we create our perception of the world around that topic.
  • Valenti Turu
    Paleosubglacial processes, Paleoglacial, Paleobotany and terrestrial Paleoecology, familiar words for Valenti, a Geologist who wants to lead the way to understand our world, our land, for every action there is an effect, and for every effect there's an action
  • Phillip Gonzalez
    Phillip Gonzalez, A French from Extremadura who lives in Madrid,Founder of and #IGers worlwide network. Instagram, Iphone & Apps, Art. Works in TV. CanalCocina, Odisea Sol Musica Historia Hollywood. Only a special person can relate Napoleon and apps, proving that Napoleon was right 200 years ago.
  • Alex Bagaria
    Alex was a managing his family business when he realized that there was life after work. He left for a new life to be happy where he found Guitar making form odd material, Now he has made 14 guitars and he wanted to share with us some of them and his positive change.
  • Ernest Benach
    Former Catalan Parliament President and TEDx Organizer bring a light about Ghandi, a peaceful movement and 140 characters nowadays, Ernest analyses these social movements in 18 minutes.
  • Xavier Fernandez
    Xavi is an actor that was hidden in a financial advisor agent in a bank and one decided to go for his dream, here´s his story.
  • Angel Pruna
    Angel is an specialist who makes gravity disappear from stage. Born by the sea, learn to climb and one thing lead to another a now he makes you fly.
  • Ramon Diaz
    He cherished great moments with his cousin, Domi Trastoy, first Andorran to climb Mount Everest, He was his communication liaison with Domi while climbing. Trastoy didn´t know his backpack was full of Ramon´s hopes and expectations. Ramon climbed Mount Everest with him that day.
  • Monica Moro
    From Fencing to Medicine, Monica a physician expert on new technology, first Spanish health wikisite, wikisanidad admin and a mother. She compares fencing and a serious health problem.
  • Victor Kuppers
    Have you ever thought in managing your enthusiasm? Victor is an optimistic and positive coach who will help us to bring the best of ourselves efficiently.
  • Ramon Tena
    Ramon is a young entrepreneur who left his position in public service to go beyond, mediating in conflicts. A complicated task made easy with his knowledge and experience.
  • Marta Rey
    Marta Rey Cervós, a lawyer and Author of Coaching Assisted with Horses. After graduating in law from the University of Barcelona and worked as a lawyer for seventeen years. Her love for animals led her to specialize in animal law by the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • Albert Llovera
    At the age of 17, Albert Llovera became the youngest ever athlete to compete in the Winter Olympics when he represented Andorra at the 1984 games in Sarejevo, Yugoslavia. In the following year, 1985, whilst competing in the European Ski Cup, also in Sarejevo, he suffered a serious accident which left him using a wheelchair with paraplegia beginning at lower back level. He turned to motorsport, World Rally Champion Driver & Spanish Rally Champion This is Albert's first chance to stand up in his hometown after 28 years, thanks to Step by Step Foundation and their incredible mechanical esqueleton

Venue and Details

Andorra Parliament House

Andorra la Vella, AD500
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