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Theme: The Spark...Light and Lead the Way

This event occurred on
December 7, 2013
1:00pm - 4:30pm EST
(UTC -5hrs)
Oakton, VA
United States

TEDxYouth@FHS is hosted at Flint Hill School in Oakton, Virginia. Middle and Upper School students from Flint Hill School will be participating in this event.

Flint Hill School
10409 Academic Drive
Oakton, VA, 22124
United States
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Hadley Husisian

Hadley Husisian is in 5th grade at Flint Hill School. She holds a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, plays drums in the percussion ensemble, and has played piano for 5 years. Hadley has been doing Certamen with the middle school Latin students since 3rd grade, just for fun, and also fences in her spare time. A proud reading accomplishment: Hadley was the #1 "book-checker-outer" for 2 years running at the school library. In her talk Hadley shares her passion for reading and challenges the audience to rescue readers from the endangered species list.

Sabra McBride

Sabra McBride is an 8th grade student who has attended Flint Hill School since junior kindergarten, and she is currently the President of the SCA. Sabra enjoys wake boarding, dirt biking, and playing softball. In her talk, she will discuss the importance of determination, persistence, and even failures in achieving your goals. Her talk will give examples of how greatness has been achieved by those with a strong will and demonstrate how the obstacles we face can be overcome with the right state of mind.

Jack Lovelace

Jack Lovelace is a current Flint Hill ninth grader. An idealist, Jack frequently draws inspiration from the ordinary. In his talk, Jack explores two things that are very common to him: music and stories. As someone who has been playing piano since he was 4, he has grown incredibly passionate about music since then. He began writing short stories when he was 3, and he has never stopped. Jack discusses both of these elements in his talk, demonstrating music’s ability to tell stories and inspire audiences. By itself, music proves that it has an extraordinary capacity to convey its own narratives. Exploring musical storytelling through different cultures, Jack will show that storytelling through music is an indispensable part of life.

Jared Levin

Jared Levin is a 16-year old Flint Hill sophomore. Jared has always wanted to be the best at whatever he was doing, and he was raised to believe that we have responsibility for our outcomes. This means that if we have a goal, we need to take responsibility for whatever we need to do to achieve that goal. We must create our opportunities and own our outcomes. In his talk, Jared shares his philosophy and personal experiences about the connection between ambition and destiny, and tells us the three elements people need to create their own ambition and design the life they want.

Zane Homsi

Zane Homsi, a Junior at Flint Hill School, will speak about how self awareness can be achieved by the thoughts of others; more specifically, he will talk about finding your life’s mantra. He will use his own experience as well as those of his peers to convey the importance of being self aware.

Sam Lisker

Sam Lisker is a Junior at Flint Hill and has been attending the school since 2001. Sam is an optimist, a perfectionist, and a video creator who loves to think big. All of this thinking led up to the creation of his YouTube channel in January 2010 under the name MaddogTheRobot. Sam created it with hopes of becoming a LEGO animator and making his dreams and ideas come to life. After some roadblocks, Sam was inspired by the technological assistance he, himself, was giving to his fellow teachers and students and decided to make gaming commentaries and short films (for those who want to be entertained) and tutorials (for those who want to learn something cool and new). Wayne Gretzky, a former hockey player for the Canadian National Hockey Team once said, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." If an opportunity is presented, Sam takes it.

Gabrielle Turner

Gabrielle Turner, a Junior at Flint Hill School, is passionate about running track and enjoys reading and writing. Inspired over the summer by the concept of “dying empty” and giving life her all, Gabrielle is now determined to dig an empty grave. She aspires to inspire others to do the same. In her talk, Gabrielle explains her experience thus far.

Danielle Wallace

Dani Wallace has a story to tell. She is a dreamer and a creator, a follower and a servant. She has a shining hope for the future of this world and has a desire to see its people grow in compassion and unity. As a Flint Hill junior and developing artist, Dani strives to see those she interacts with for their true potential, each with a unique and powerful story. Her talk will examine the impact of life stories and how they can be “sparks” or inspirations for both the individual bearing the story and for those who hear and empathize with it. To the individuals who feel forgotten, alone, or insignificant, her message to you is that you have a story that needs to be told. It’s time for the world to start listening. It’s time for sparks to fly.

Clare Jessey

Clare Jessey is originally from Bogota, Colombia and grew up in the States. When she was 12 years old, she was diagnosed with an executive functioning disorder. Later when she was 15, she was diagnosed with a language-based learning disability. This caused a spark in her life. Ever since, her approach to learning has been different and has caused ups and downs. She is here today to describe her experiences with her disability and to share her message that no matter what there is always hope.

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Herndon, VA, United States
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