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Theme: Breaking Boundaries, Building Connections

Huntsville, AL, United States
September 15th, 2013

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About this event

Sunday, September 15, 2013 TEDxHuntsville is gathering extraordinary thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and local civic leaders for a creative forum that offers knowledge and inspiration. TEDxHuntsville allows attendees to engage in meaningful dialogue, participate in eye-opening hands-on experiences with local visionaries, and experience a line-up of dynamic speakers and performers. This year we are featuring local talent, speakers, civic leaders and artists from and around Huntsville, Alabama. We'll see innovations and tech demos from local companies and enthusiasts alike, engaging displays and activities from artists at Lowe Mill and the surrounding area.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Kenny Anderson
    Kenny Anderson believes in the human potential and the belief that everyone has the ability to achieve success in life. John H. Rhoades famously said “do more than exist, live!” Life is a gift, and the choices that we make determine the value of that gift. Life is also a journey, and success leaves clues. Kenny has learned a lot about success through my journey and am committed to inspiring excellence in the lives of others. Passion is the fuel for life, and we energize ourselves through positive relationships and experiences.
  • Jeremy Conway
    Jeremy Conway has spent over 16 years working with Information Technology; a majority of that time was spent identifying vulnerabilities in some of the world’s largest and most diverse Information Technology environments. It was only within the last 5 years that Jeremy plunged into the world of entrepreneurship with an idea that he could help make a difference in Cyber Security. This plunge brought to light an interesting ecosystem between successful entrepreneurs and cyber criminals that could change the way we view technology innovations and Cyber Security.
  • Les Johnson
    Humanity is on a path that can take us to the stars – if we don’t stop dreaming big and taking chances. The laws of physics don’t say that interstellar travel is impossible; it is simply very difficult. In the past, this was viewed as a challenge. We’ve smashed atoms, covered continents with roads, explored the most inhospitable places on Earth, and sent people to the Moon and robots to the edge of the solar system. But that was yesterday. What about tomorrow? We’re discovering that the universe is not only full of stars, but planets as well – most likely billions of them. We didn’t discover the first planet beyond our solar system until 1992 and today we’ve found thousands. We don’t need warp drive or worm holes to reach the stars – we just need to use the known laws of physics and think BIG.
  • Radhika Kakani
    Radhika Kakani graduated with a BS in Computer Science and a MS in Management of Technology and Marketing. She spent 20 years in the world of strategy, marketing, and IT consulting. Her her first mission trip to Ecuador, South America led to her taking a 3 months leave of absence from the technology world and to travel Central America. During this time, she learned about the Spanish culture, built stoves and latrines for economically disadvantaged families, and opened her eyes to a world of possibilities. She took the plunge and went to Le Cordon Bleu- London, Institute of Culinary Arts and became a Classically Trained French Chef. She started Indigo Market, LLC to continue her tryst with gastronomy where she has been researching and developing recipes which combine Ayurvedic and naturopathic principles with traditional French cooking techniques to help heal the body.
  • Dan Meyer
    Ever want to be a superhero? Ever want to do the impossible in your life? No matter how extreme our fears or how wild our dreams, Dan Meyer believes we each have the potential to be superheroes, do the impossible, and change the world. Dan explores his quest to break through boundaries of fear and overcome the limitations of human nature to perform superhuman feats. Dan describes his journey from extreme fears to extreme feats, from outcast to outlier, coward to courageous, wimp to world record holder, and loser to Ig Nobel Prize winner. And he’ll reveal insights on how YOU can do the impossible in YOUR life!
  • Dwight Pope
    All of Dwight’s life, he’s been a giver. The process of caregiving took me from stress to the depths of despair and eventually brought me into a deeper understanding that allowed me to tap into a hidden reservoir of greater giving–a bright Light. Dwight believes that we all share a need to find this wellspring in ourselves, to step into this Light of goodness and giving, because this is a key element in unlocking our dormant potential.
  • Ashley Ramirez
    Ashley Ramirez arrived in Huntsville in January 2013 fresh out of graduate school with a Ph.D. in Chemistry, planning to begin work on the Arsenal in just a few weeks. Little did she know that the sequestration was going to flip my world upside down. Fast forward six months and she owns Alabama’s first dedicated gluten free bakery. It took an inopportune opportunity to push me to pursue a dream and she now lives free, gluten free.
  • Scott Thigpen
    Scott Thigpen is your average every day geek that lives behind a Mac doing illustrations and graphic designs for various places (now permanently at UAB). His life was out of whack and Scott knew he needed something more in life so he decided to tackle the Tour Divide, a self supported mountain bike race that was nearly 3,000 miles long.
  • Cole Walker
    Access to Energy means Quality of Life. It is a very exciting time to witness the decreasing cost of energy technology and increasing cost of traditional energy create the perfect storm that will change the way we generate, transmit, store, consume, buy and sell energy. All around the globe people will have access to affordable energy that is generated at the point of need and this will lead to incredible changes in education, healthcare, nutrition and economic development. Ultimately raising the quality of life for everyone.
  • Daniel Whitt
    Activating global citizens shouldn’t be a big deal, right? After all, our youth already know how to communicate digitally. Unfortunately there are significant roadblocks preventing this “activation” from happening, and those roadblocks are a detriment to more than just forward progress. They are pushing our youth (and our schools) backward. Using group advocacy, “community” partnerships, positive digital content creation, and a few other tricks described in this talk, we can quickly move our society all the way to the tipping point–the point where we all willingly jump. Not a jump into an unknown abyss, but rather a jump to a place where our youth are liberated to be themselves, learn their way, and own their future.

Venue and Details

Thurber Arts Center
4915 Garth Road SE
Huntsville, AL, 35802
United States

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