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Ningbo, China
November 30th, 2013

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Hey, TEDxUNNC second Autumn Event is Coming!



This is one of the most famous lines in movie Batman: The Dark Knight, the joker who uses it impressed us deeply. This is a horrible role in the film——his existence is to subvert the whole world, to ruin the rule of the human.
Although we cannot stand such a guy living in real world, the spirit of ‘overturn’ can be accepted. The reason why we choose this topic is that we want to convey a concept about changing, do something different with the convention. Therefore we hope our speaker could share their idea with fun, not too solemn——How to dispose this? Just take it easy!
We have many theories about what the world should be, but these are just assumptions which exclude the real world factors. So, just show us how you do in the practical situation.

“WHY SO SERIOUS?”是《蝙蝠侠:暗夜前传》里那个玩世不恭的小丑的标志性台词。这是一个令人印象深刻的角色,那些杀人放火,令人发指的行为是他掂量世界的工具,他的全部人生以策反为目的——颠覆良知、正义、无私、公德以及其他。
我们当然不希望这个世界充满了像小丑一样的人,但是这个世界可以存在颠覆的精神。本次活动我们选择这个主题,就是为了传达“颠覆者”这样一个概念:希望Speaker从自己的角度出发,以好玩的心态来诠释自己的本行或者对某段经历某个观点的理解——“WHY SO SERIOUS?”



SPEAKER ONE — David LI, Founder of XinChejian
SPEECH TITLE — Maker Movement and Shanzhai: what we can learn about open innovation from the this opposite two ecosystem and what it mean for the future.

SPEAKER TWO — Sadiq FALALU, MSc Entrepreneurship Student in UNNC
SPEECH TITLE — Unkown Africa: Exploring Africa by the View of an African

SPEAKER THREE — Thomas HUCHINSON, Mechanical Engineering Student in UNNC
SPEECH TITLE — ‘Fake it Till You Make it’

SPEAKER FOUR — Yi JIA, MSc International Management graduate from UNNC
SPEECH TITLE — You Still Have Tomorrow

SPEAKER FIVE — Samantha Mc Dearmon JONSCHER, B.A. English and Politics, University of Sydney
SPEECH TITLE — I Give Zero Forks

SPEAKER SIX — Zongru LIU, CEO of Broadlink

SPEAKER SEVEN — Kolja OSWALD, MSc Entrepreneurship Student in UNNC
SPEECH TITLE — Entrepreneurship: In Plans We Trust

SPEAKER EIGHT — DR. Martin LIU, Assistant Professor in Marketing
SPEECH TITLE — Journey to the West: My Own Journey


Confirmed Speakers

  • David LI
    20 years’ experience in the in the Internet and software industries and always, actively participates in the open source movement. He has worked on a number of interactive multimedia projects, including working with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney and Facebook. XinChejian is the first hacker-space in China, it aim is to support, create and promote physical computing and open source hardware and Internet of Things, and convey the concept of ‘Maker’ as well. David also applies the concept of ‘open source’ to his new interest ‘Aquaponics’.
  • Sadiq FALALU
    He previously worked in the IT and Management industry. He has been involved in various start-ups including a non-for profit organization in Nigeria, Arewa Development & Empowerment Foundation (ADEF) that helps in providing primary school students with study materials. He wants to change people’s perception in Africa, popular literature and media portray it as a continent with animals and people living in the wild, dying for chaos and poverty, waiting to be saved by foreigners, not as the landfull of happiness and opportunities that it is.
  • Thomas HUCHINSON
    A dapper English bloke with more clichés, saying and metaphors than you can shake a stick at. Always full of energy bouncing from wall to wall.
  • Yi JIA
    After graduating he set up his own travel business experience, he worked hard to make the company a success. He says ’ I am not afraid of future; if a venture is not successful I can find another job; if I fail now , I will succeed in the future.’
  • Samantha Mc Dearmon JONSCHER
    Born in America and raised in Australia, Sam has an accent that is Universally amusing. She spends her time travelling, writing, cooking and of course, eating. She is currently on exchange at UNNC from Sydney Australia.
  • Zongru LIU
    Broadlink is an advanced technology company, which is focused on helping to give people an easier and more convenient lifestyle. He graduated from University of Melbourne, majoring Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He used to be the project supervisor of National Information and Communications Technology Australia for 60GHZ Wi-Fi programme and he assisting in the creation of IEEE802.11 Standard.
  • Kolja OSWALD
    He is an entrepreneur originally from northern Germany, who has studied Business Administration in his undergrad, and is now doing his masters in Entrepreneurship, Apart from this he breaths, eats and lives football!
  • DR. Martin LIU
    Martin is a scholar, an entrepreneur, an energetic speaker, and a man who believes in living the life to the full extend, Having spent half of his life in the west, he offers his own interpret actions of this journey via relaxed angle.

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Ningbo, 315100
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Yuan Xia
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