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Theme: Imagining a Better Tomorrow

This event occurred on
April 6, 2014
9:00am - 4:00pm HST
(UTC -10hrs)
Makawao, HI
United States

TEDxYouth@SeaburyHall, the first ever TEDxYouth event on Maui, will be held on Sunday, April 6, 2014. TEDxYouth@SeaburyHall is a completely student-run event that brings together youth from a variety of public and private schools on Maui and inspires them to use their passions and talents to create a brighter future. The goal of our event is to empower the youth of Maui who are the leaders of tomorrow.

Seabury Hall - Creative Arts Center
480 Olinda Road
Makawao, HI, 96768
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Zeb Mehring

Zeb, a junior at Seabury Hall, is an outgoing student who enjoys both the arts and sciences. When he’s not acting, running, studying, or working on other projects, he enjoys writing. He has been involved in more than twenty Maui theatrical productions, most recently the lead in Seabury’s Hamlet. He has also competed on Seabury’s state-champion boy’s cross-country team, and will run track in the spring.

David Cabañero

David Cabañero is an eleventh grader from H.P. Baldwin High School. Strong-willed and independent, he is an optimist and loves to help people. When he graduates, he plans to become a biologist and a performer. David loves to sing, dance, and play the flute, and in his spare time, he creates and arranges music. There’s not a day where David is not smiling—he loves to be happy and energetic everyday.

McKayla Wandell

McKayla is currently a junior at H.P. Baldwin High School; she is an outgoing passionate student who serves on the Teen Advisory Council for the Hawaii Meth Project, where she organizes campaigns in the Maui Community. She spends her Saturdays either competing at a swim meet or volunteering at Feed My Sheep. McKayla swims on the Baldwin High School swim team. She is a dedicated member to the Maui Double Star Association with fellow speaker Aaron Rohozinski and enjoys looking out at the stars and wondering about the mysteries of the universe.

William Summers

William Summers is currently a junior at Baldwin High School. One phrase that could describe William is a “academic jack of all trades”. He has been involved in a variety of activities ranging from being the operations officer of the Baldwin Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps (JROTC) battalion to being the vice president of the BHS book club. He takes his academic rigor very seriously and wouldn’t think twice about challenging himself with another AP class.

Quinn Shiraishi

Three words that describe Quinn are athletic, hardworking, and geeky. She currently attends Kamehameha Schools Maui. As a freshman, you can find her sitting with friends while studying, reading, and mostly talking. An avid athlete, Quinn swims, plays water polo, and does horseback riding. In her leisure time, she enjoys listening to music and reading. If Quinn could have one wish, she would like everyone to not judge others based on first impressions.

James Hill

James, also called J.P., is an eighth grader from Sacred Hearts School; he has two strong passions: technology and agriculture. For over a year, he has dedicated virtually every Saturday to working with Maui Cultural Lands on Project Malama Honokowai and has become highly invested in his work. JP is also passionate about the projects of the Polynesian Voyaging Society such as the Worldwide Voyage of Hokule’a and hikianalia, and its movement to protect the ‘aina (land) from unneeded developement. JP believes that by incorporating a mindset of Kokua, we can unleash the untapped power of technology.

Matthew Thomas Sturm

Matthew is very passionate and dedicated about science and mathematics; he never misses an opportunity to work on a difficult math problem. Most of his free time is spent studying science on his school’s science bowl team or playing chess. He has participated in many academic competitions and enjoys meeting other students who are also passionate about science. Matthew attended Baldwin High School for his freshman and sophomore year, but now attends Maui High School as a junior.

Aaron Rohozinski

Aaron aspires to be an eccentric theoretical physicist and computer programmer. Through a number of childhood events including overcoming dyslexia, being an amateur astronomer, and helping a fungal researcher, he has become self-motivated to change the world. Aaron is currently working on publishing his second research paper, programming a game in Java, and getting into seemingly ordinary misadventures that teach important life lessons.

Thomas Hayashi

Thomas attends Seabury Hall, where he leads his Sophomore class as the currrent Vice president and plays on the Seabury Hall Football team. Thomas is interested in pursuing a career in law or philosophy. Thomas was born and raised on Maui and attended Pukalani Elementary School and Kalama Intermediate before attending Seabury Hall in the 9th grade. Thomas is an experienced Taiko drummer, playing with the Maui Taiko group for the past three years.

Rosemary Dawn Kulhavy-Sutherland

Rosie is a selfless teen who strives to lend a helping hand to everyone. She was born on Maui and did not attend school until she was ten years old. Her first years of education began in the fourth grade at Haleakala Waldorf School. As a junior at King Kekaulike High School, her passion for learning continues to grow day by day. Through various clubs, Rosie has had a myriad of experiences. Drama Club has always held a special place in her heart; she has participated in five plays since her freshman year. One of her favorite things about being human is that there is diversity and each person is unique. Rosie yearns to create something worthwhile and beautiful in her life.

Anna Ezzy

Anna Ezzy is currently a junior at Seabury Hall. She is a dedicated activist towards protecting animals and their habitats. Anna enjoys working with animals, playing tennis, and reading. She is currently a trained volunteer at the Pacific Primate Sanctuary on Maui, and plans to study ecology and evolutionary biology in university.

Rui-Li Inge

Rui-Li Inge is currently a senior at Seabury Hall. She moved to Maui four years ago after having lived in Japan for eight years. She loves animals and hope to pursue a career in biology. Rui-Li plays the alto, and baritone saxophone and participate in various school sports: volleyball, basketball, and softball. During her free time, she likes to volunteer at the Humane Society, read books, and listen to Beyonce.

Organizing team


Wailuku, HI, United States


Makawao, HI, United States
  • Jacob Alabab-Moser
    Director of Communications
  • Isabella Blair
  • Ava Shipman
    Director of Registration
  • Kawehi Atai
    Director of Design
  • Jessica Brown
  • Kainoa Reponte
    Director of Production
  • Kalan Birnie
    Director of Stage
  • Manelle Botuyan
    Director of Photography
  • Corin Nishimoto
    Director of Food and Parking
  • Jessica Haylor
    Director of Sustainability
  • Natasha Salamack
    Director of Speakers
  • Sarah Eger
    Director of Event-Planning
  • Alenette Ballesteros
    Asst. Director of Event Planning