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Theme: Behind the Scenes

This event occurred on
June 27, 2013
2:00pm - 4:00pm KST
(UTC +9hrs)
Seoul, 11
South Korea

There is always a help of a assistant behind famous stars. They can't get all the attention and can't be the famous one, but they are walking along the road of life as a main actor by doing their own best in the mission that has been given to them. In this 5th event of TEDxCAU, we try to re-highlight the people who assist their main actors to be famous by helping them behind the scenes. We invited those assistants to share their valuable experiences and thoughts with our audience.

R&D Center, Auditorium
3rd floor, R&D Center,Chung-Ang Univ.
221 Heukseok-dong,Dongjak-gu,Seoul
Seoul, 11
South Korea
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University (What is this?)
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Suckjung Yang

He is a voice actor who has both well-balanced tone and colorful voice. He has attracted Korean people with his voice. He has worked with foreign soup operas, movies, animations, documentaries and so on. He plays his role a 100%, he changes his voice according to his role, and he also gives listeners a comfortable feeling while his acting. Yang Suck Jung is one of representatives of Korea’s voice actors and actresses. He puts all his efforts to help people understand various programs. Even though he stays behind the scene, he rules his works and voices of programs. He isn’t a supporting-actor, he is the main actor of the show. Let’s draw our ears to his life as a voice actor, right now, here at TEDxCAU 5th, 非hind.

Jaeyoon Jo

Yong-Sik from the <Tracker>, guard from the <Present from Room No.7>, Walpae Bong-Chul from <Goo family’s Seo>. He played all of these colorful characters from various TV programs, he is a special supporting-actor. He usually takes parts as a supporting-actor who helps making main-actors shine at the screen, but he shines brighter and really enhances himself as a powerful actor. He is known more for his character name than his real name, but he walks his way and we want to call him a ‘real’ actor. He started from 뽀로로, 뿡뿡이(characters from Korean children show, similar to ‘cookie monster’.), stage director, traditional dancer, and went through harsh times as an actor, but now he is more than a supporting-actor. Let’s hear his life story at TEDxCAU 5th, 非hind.

Sijun Choi

“To succeed, your feet should be busy, not your head. Sitting down and rolling eyes can’t help you.” Choi is having busy days after the graduation. He has been employed at a big company and he is also trying to make his dream come true. When he was a teenager he made a volunteering club called ‘밀알회’. Unlike other people who ran toward ‘being employed’, he really worked hard for his dream. His dream is to help other people with his ability. He changed his sleeping time with helping others. He is now doing ‘Tutoring for University Students’, ‘Exam Lectures’, ‘C-rite Edu Writing’, ‘So-Dam(With Valuable Voices)’, CASE relay Lectures’. He is trying to help students who want to fine their true dreams. He believes that he can be the butterfly who changes the whole weather. His belief that this small start can change the whole society, you can hear about it at TEDxCAU 5th, 非hind.

Wonyoung Song

“Watercolor like images” This is the perfect word for the director Song Won Young who shows his ability through making Music videos. Now, everyone agrees that he is one of the best video directors. He encourages people’s feeling and moves their hearts through images. A singer’s wonderful voice and Song’s beautiful images are become one and named as one of the special music videos. He always says that to be moved is people’s duty but the director should take responsibility toward people’s reactions. Sometime this responsibility makes him move and work. He is the ‘director’ but he silently takes role as a supporting-person at his life. Let’s listen to his voice at TEDxCAU 5th, 非hind. He will tell us about his hard working life.

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