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Theme: Transforming Passion into Success

This event occurred on
November 8, 2013
2:00pm - 6:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Bacau, BC

In the last years, both TED and TEDx had a huge impact on society, a positive impact that made us realize how necessary this type of event is for a small city such as Bacau and how it could connect the local community with brand new ideas that would transform it into a better place for living where people of all ages could develop.

For TEDxBacau, we choose a theme that is addressed especially to students, but not only, because people of all ages may resonate with it. The recent success stories have inspired us to choose the theme: ”Transforming Passion into Success”. So, the great thinkers and doers, inspired entrepreneurs, professors with a progressive manner of thinking and students with excellent results, came together and were able to share their ideas, passions and experiences, in order to encourage the spectators to get actively involved and to have the courage to develop their own ideas.

The participants have the unique chance to get inspired from the true stories of the successful people, transmitted in a friendly environment. At the end of the event, the participants may discover new ways of using their abilities to create a new path to success.

“Believe in your own capacities, start from nothing and it’s from that nothing that something great shall be created” it’s exactly what TEDxBacau is meant to demonstrate and gently teach. The purpose of TEDxBacau is to encourage its participants to believe in their own strengths and to make the firsts steps towards fulfilling their dreams and transforming their ideas into success.

So, the mission of TEDxBacau is to become a stimulus for the participant’s further actions; by means of well considered examples, they (the audience) may find the necessary motivation to make positives changes both in the personal life and for the life of the local communities.

Aula Universitatii Vasile Alecsandri
Calea Marasesti, nr. 157
Bacau, BC, 600115
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University (What is this?)
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Tedy Necula

TEDY NECULA is a Romanian film producer and film director. So far, he produced a series of documentaries, fictional films, social commercials and music videos. Born with a physical handicap, Tedy fights every day to keep his dreams alive. He has never seen his handicap as an obstacle. On the contrary, his handicap motivated him to work even harder and to fulfill his dreams. The major difference between his lifestyle and his handicap is a perfect example and a true model for every person that faces self-esteem issues. His work has been so appreciated that he had the chance of working with the European Council, UNICEF, Blue Heron Foundation America and other 23 Romanian foundations. For Tedy, a handicapped person is one that even once in his or her life said “I can’t”. A definition that could only make us smile, be thoughtful and then nod in an approving way.

Cristian Andries

CRISTIAN ANDRIES is the Commander of an air patrol in the helicopter squadron at the Military Airbase no.95 in Bacau. It has over 800 hours of flight on airplanes such as MIG 21, IAR 823, YAK 52, AN 2, IAR 93 or IAR 99. For TedxBacau he shares with the audience, how his childish dream of flying above the clouds became real and how it is to live your dream everyday.

Ionut Budisteanu

IONUT BUDISTEANU took part in more than 130 national contests and in 18 international competitions in fields such as programming, research or inventics. In 2013, he won the Gordon E. Moore Award of the “Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2013″ competitions which was held in Phoenix, USA. In the last 20 years, no European contestant has ever won this prestigious prize. But then Ionut came and everything seemed possible. His inventions comprise brilliant machineries such as the Human Computer Interface, that allows persons with sight problems to see with the help of their tongue, and an automatic system for predicting natural hazards. Now, he colaborates with a number of prestigious companies to set up a no self-driving, low cost car (one of his inventions) which should be available in Romania by the end of May. On his advice, the Minister for Education and the Prime Minister have created a scolarship for talented student, with extraordinary discoveries in the field of applied science. So, 50 of these scolarships are to be given to talented students with remarcable inventions that decide to follow the classes of a Romanian University.

Romeo Mosoiu

ROMEO MOSOIU is advisor at the Ministry of Education. Also, he is involved in many social activities dedicated to the youth in general, ever since the 1990’s when the Revolution marked his student life. He was the president of the students at the Bucharest University Student’s League and of the Romanian Student’s League. Then, he became the advisor of the Romanian president, Emil Constantinescu, in the field of culture, education and religious confessions. He was actively involved in many organizations for youth in general and for students in particular and he is still well informed by all the programs created and the ideas proposed by the NGOs, concerning the informal education. He took part in actions for sustaining and enforcing democracy in the post-revolutionary Romania. His main passion is dedicated to the people, to their enthusiasm, their energy, their courage and power to change the world, how they once did during the Revolution in the early ‘90s. Today, with the same energy as he once did, he accompanies people in their mission to create and leave a better world for their descendants.

Adelina Sabau

ADELINA SABAU has been studying piano since she can remember. She started at the age of 5 and for more than 10 years she took part in over 25 national and international competitions, where she obtained 3 diplomas for excellence, 12 first prizes, 5 second prizes, 4 third prizes and 2 diplomas for participation. She performed both in Bacau with Mihail Jora Philharmonics Orchestra and in different towns all around Romania. She took part in The Summer Academy in Sighisoara, where she had the opportunity to learn from the famous professors Tunde Kurucz and Viniciu Moroianu. Above being a remarkable pianist, the young girl made a name by publishing different articles in local magazines and newspapers such as “Deșteptarea” or “Plumb”, both in Romanian and in English. Also, she received numerous prizes in national literary contests.

Razvan Daba

RAZVAN DABA initiated and still coordinates the Speaker’s Arena, a project that developed into Romania’s largest community for public speakers. Mainly he is a public speaking coach; he assists the speakers during their training and while delivering speeches. Also, he prepares different training programs for companies that are interested in public speaking. During these programs he collaborates with experts in fields that are connected to public speaking (improvisation, voice, formative formation, etc) in order to create a unique, strong and useful learning experience. During his speech delivered for TEDxBacau he shares with us how public speaking changed his life.

Cristian Gog

CRISTIAN GOG is a Romanian mentalist, better known for winning the second season of “Romania’s got talent”. Born in Campeni, Alba county, he developed from an early age a true passion for magic tricks. He finished both the school and the highschool in Baia de Aries. He then moved to Alba Iulia for college and it was there that he became interested in mentalism, a form of theatrical trickery that is different from magic tricks. In 2012, he took part in the live-broadcasted talent show “Romania’s got talent”, where he impressed the jury and the audience, defeated his opponents and won the prize of 120.000 €.

Organizing team


Bacau, Romania
  • Bogdan Bontas
    Design Manager
  • Laura Ionescu
    Speakers Manager
  • Corina Pista
    Sponsorship Manager
  • Eduard Gabor
    Guest Responsible
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    Legal Advisory