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Theme: Leaders of Change

This event occurred on
September 17, 2014
1:00pm - 7:00pm COT
(UTC -5hrs)
Medellin, ANT

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Universidad CES
Universidad CES Calle 10 A No. 22 - 04, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia ‎
Medellin, ANT
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Juan Camilo Quintero

Juan Camilo Quintero is a business manager specialist in project management, strategic foresight and international business. He was the Director of the Corporation Tecnnova – pioneer institution in international support for Innovation and Research in Colombia. He also was the Secretary of Productivity and Competitiveness of the Government of Antioquia. In this last position he developed the "Antójate de Antioquia” program.

Alberto Ospina Taborda

Engineer from the Colombian Naval Academy, and M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT. He was founder and first director of COLCIENCIAS, today the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia. For this and other accomplishments in the promotion of Science and Technology, in 2011 he was nominated and recognized among the 30 most distinguished leaders in Colombia , and received in 2014 the Life and Work Award granted to Colombian scientists. He is honorary president of the MIT-Harvard Club of Colombia and member of the Board of Directors of MALOKA Corporation and of other Colombian private institutions.

Andrés Walker

My social sense was awakened during my one year journey around Latin America where I felt the difficulties of the vulnerable population. When I came back to Colombia to finish my bachelor degree, I decided to create solutions from the design engineer perspective. Committed to make the change, I propose to develop housing solutions floating schools for people affected by the floods. with a group of people and institutions I am fulfilling my dream to participate in the design and construction of the first floating school in Latin America with which benefited children with the opportunity to continue studying during the rainy season and intend to continue working hard to replicate the project in many other flood zones.

Carlos Carvajal

Carlos, was born in El Jardin, a small town at Antioquia´s southwest; He,s Mechanical Engineer, entrepreneur, bicycle traveler and activist. The bike appeared in his life and this weekend hobbie turns in to lifestyle. Felt in love of Colombia, people, and all incredible diversity while ride around. He toured Colombia several times for 2 years, also ride around 9 countries in South America, this amazing experience reveal his mission: "Motivate and Inspire Others to Ride”.

Johanna Logreira

¨I smile, always, and am always happy with all the good things that happen around me. I enjoy the simple things in life. I am curious, loving and I like to hug. I found my inner child, a new one, who wants to learn it all so that I may understand others and leave ¨something¨ in their lives. I believe that anything is possible, and I don’t like the word "impossible". I am a fortunate in life, and the only thing I want is to give vitality to others.¨

Berny Bluman Levy

Berny Bluman Levy, graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration from EAFIT University. Committed to improving and increasing accessibility in all aspects of life for people with disabilities in Colombia. Worked as a consultant for private and public organizations in Colombia on accessibility issues and solutions for many years. Founder of Colombia Accesible , firm that provides assessment, advice and specialized training on how to change current practices into more accessible building infrastructure and better customer service for people with disabilities.

Juan Hurtado

This youth leader and entrepreneur at 19 years is the creator of MathCO (Mathematics Coaching) method of bilingual teaching mathematics. Study Financial Engineering and is a student representative of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Medellin, where they led the creation INGENIOZ team work in which high-impact projects for the community are promoted. Founding member of Synergy, a body that brings together student representatives of institutions of higher education in Antioquia and the country where you are working for change in the country's educational policies

Diego Alveiro Restrepo Ochoa

Psychologist. Professor and researcher at the CES University in Medellin. Magister in psychology and candidate to Doctor in Public health. Member of the “Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA)” and “The Society for Qualitative inquiry in Psychology”. His main professional, academic and personal interest has been focused in one fundamental question ¿What does it mean to live well? In this sense, his academic work has explored theoretical, methodological and ethic paths to think of mental health in terms of human development, recognizing the process through which people build, live, transform and dream their world.

Wilson Florez Vanegas

Manager of Center for Basic and Applied Interdisciplinary Research –CEIBA-. Foundation created by the Universidad de los Andes, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad Javeriana and the Universidad del Rosario (4 of the 5 best Universities from Colombia according to QS Latin American University Rankings 2014). We find the best young talent of Colombia to provide research scholarships, financial aid to pursue master and doctorates with the purpose to create a new generation of researches and decision makers in strategic topics for the regions of Colombia.

Santiago Martínez

Santiago Martinez is co-founder of Cómo Lo Cambiarías: an organization that promotes the culture of young people to be agents of change through education and inspiration, sowing the seeds of entrepreneurship, leadership and social innovation. He belongs to networks such as the Young Americas Business Trust and Starters Rutan - Kairos Society. He was recognized as Outstanding Young Person 2013 of Medellin, in the category Entrepreneurship, and recently represented young people in a plenary of the World Urban Forum. He is passionate about education, transformation and teamwork to change the world.

Sebastian Restrepo y Abelardo Velasquez

Sebastián Studied finances and international relations, Abelardo studied comunication and journalism. We have been envolved with political, social and cultural processes in Medellín. Nowdays We are discovering discovering the geographyc and human rishness of Antioquia. One of our talents: Creativity. One of our defects: we are scattered. One of our passions: Making happy people that wants to be happy.

David Sanin

David Sanín Gaviria was born in 1980 in Medellín, Colombia. Holds a bachelor of Creative Arts from Universidad de Antioquia. Founding member of the theater group Acción Impro, which is dedicated to do improvisational theatre. Along with Acción Impro, he has represented his country in different international festivals. David is currently dedicated to directing the mounting of theatre productions, acting and painting. He is constantly looking for techniques to stimulate and challenge creativity.


Triciclo is a music project created in the city of Medellin in 2012. It tries to delivers the sound of jazz to today's audiences, using components from different genres and adapting songs from the repertoire of traditional jazz, to a format of guitar, voice and doblebass with the colors of French jazz. Formed by students of the university of Eafit, Triciclo invites the audience to travel on three wheels to the way of good music. With its natural and joyful sound it wants to provide a good experience to the public and an opportunity for cultural development for Medellin and the country.

Amalia Londoño

Journalist, specialized in cybermedia, graduated from Universidad Eafit, and masters in literature, graduated from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She has worked for different local and national media, in radio, written press and tv (W Radio, periódico El Colombiano, periódico El Mundo, Caracol TV Teleantioquia and TeleMedellín). She has been a university professor for seven years and is a cultural promoter in her city. Nowadays, she works as a journalist at Blu Radio and is co-founder of the effective communications company, Reportart.

Rúben Manrique

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