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Theme: Living Limitless

This event occurred on
February 13, 2014
12:00am - 6:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Tilburg, NB

TEDxTilburgUniversity 2014 revolves around the idea of Living Limitless.

Living, because the current social, cultural and economical developments combined with the new, ubiquitous nature of information technology will change and improve our society in ways we wouldn’t dare to dream of a mere decade ago. Limitless, because recent developments offer seemingly endless possibilities especially within the TED domains of Technology, Entertainment, and Design.

In the field of technology we see concepts such as ‘the internet of things’, ‘wearable devices’ or ‘enhanced reality’ on the rise. Such concepts challenge the notion of what is possible. What can human beings achieve using these technologies to the fullest?

As for entertainment, we see artists creating music and paintings using alternative methods, museums show collections digitally rather than physically, music albums and even Hollywood movies are being realized through crowdfunding. Moreover social media channels are quickly becoming major news platforms and we see that younger generations have a more graphical focus than their parents. These new generations will have opportunities and experiences unique to them, but how will they cope with these new opportunities? And how will this influence our society?

Finally design. Within the scope of our theme, design encompasses the realization of new ideas and projects which help determine the future of our society. Even the current economic crisis is an example of a warning related to limitless living. Perhaps the current economic crisis or the global depletion of fossil resources is how we pay the price for living above what is sustainable, but how will our society adapt to this new reality?

Tilburg University - Auditorium
Warandelaan 2
Tilburg, NB, 5037 AB
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University (What is this?)
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Frank G. Bosman

Frank G. Bosman (1978) is a roman-catholic culture theologian. Most famous for his controversial views on culture, theology and religion. Frank has his own bi-weekly column on national radio where he reviews books, dvd’s and games. He also is a frequent guest on dutch radio-, and tv-shows and in addition to this he also writes for newspapers and weblogs. Frank has his own opinion about religion and reports about this on his own weblog. All of this had led to be named ‘most acclaimed theologian of the year’. Frank is currently working as the program coordinator of the Centre for Religious communication at Tilburg University. Frank is interested in the combination of religion and technology. His TEDxTalk will revolve around the subject of ‘Living Limitless’. Can we exist forever with the use of technology or is it just an utopia?

Marja Ruigrok

Marja Ruigrok is a researcher, entrepreneur and watcher of trends and new media. Her company Ruigrok|Netpanel was the first webpanel in the Netherlands giving her a headstart and plenty of experience in the field. some of the recent high profile research topics she has been involved with are: online trends and developments, co-creation, open innovation, motives behind using social networks and motives behind mobile internet usage. Marja will talk about the enormous data streams we all produce. This is not about privacy, but about the need for research. And about Living Limitless. Want to know how?

Marleen Maathuis

Marleen Maathuis is an actress (Lotgenoten (2013), La Crise (2013), a model and an artist. An artist with a vision. In her visions she sees the gap closing between humans and computers. Humans incorporating computers and perhaps even vice versa. But then first laymen should understand science. Her ultimate vision is to bridge the gap between science and laymen. And art can be a very helpful thing in that endeavor. In her latest artwork she has found a way to bridge said gap by translating DNA into music. So, you will be able to listen to the Music of your Body, the Sounds of your Life. The Symphony of your Soul.

Dimitri Tokmetzis

Dimitri Tokmetzis (1975) is a historian and datajournalist. He started his career as intern at the Utrechts Dagblad. Soon afterwards he started on his own. In 2007 he already published an article about the CIA illegally spying on our financial data. In 2008 he moved to New York to write his book ‘De Digitale Schaduw’ (The Digital Shadow). This book mainly covered how losing privacy and the emergence of risk profiles can impact your daily life. During the writing of this book he first chanced upon the profession of datajournalism. Currently Dimitri is working at De Correspondent. Here he primarily focuses on Data & Transparency. Dimitri believes that modern media perform journalism with outdated techniques. What makes him unique is that he approaches the journalist discipline in a research-like way. Dimitri thinks that answers can be found by doing journalism in a new way by analyzing data extensively. His TEDxTalk will mainly put data the way we use it to question. To what degree can we put our today’s trust in data? Do you want to find out what techniques Dimitri utilizes?

Arnold Roosendaal

Arnold Roosendaal is a former student from Tilburg University’s school of law. He is currently working at the research organization TNO. Arnold wrote a book about the control we possess over our own digital identity, called “de Informatiefuik” in Dutch. The book provides answers on questions such as which information is collected, how this information is processed and what this means for the individual. Arnold is also the owner of a research and consultancy agency, specialized in ICT and regulations. He advises organizations on issues such as privacy, security of IT, data protection and intellectual property. Arnold will put our topic “Living Limitless” to the test in his TEDxTalk. His talk will revolve around the information driven society. Living limitless or…… Evolving boundaries?

Koen Peters

Koen Peters is currently a student at Tilburg University and the winner of the TEDxTilburgUniversity Student Pitch, held during the Night University last year. While it was a fierce competition, Koen Peters managed to blow away the jury with an astounding performance and an incredible pitch. In his Talk Koen Peters will reflect on his own life and the challenges he encountered during the years. How to surpass your own limits…

Ruud Mattheij

Ruud Mattheij started out as a software engineer and after graduating studied Communication and Information Sciences from which he graduated with honours. The fields of IT and humanities have been too spread apart and Ruud now tries to close the gap between humans and computers and to improve their interaction. He now specialises in artificial intelligence and will talk about how it may integrate even more in our lives. There was some talk about a butler and Harry Potter… Are you curious yet?

Charles Noussair

Charles Noussair is an economist and conducts research experimental economics, the use of experimental methods to address research questions in a variety of fields of economics, including game theory, industrial organization, macroeconomics, financial economics, and international economics. Charles also studies the neurobiological processes underlying economic decisions, particularly decisions under risk and conformity in behavior. Charles Noussair his TEDxTalk will be a particularly interesting one for every attendant since we can all relate to it and it will certainly open eyes. Are economics and biology related??? Be amazed by a truly inspiring TEDxTalk and have a glimpse at what our future might bring.

Jesse Reynolds

Of course you’ve noticed the strange weather outside. Arctic temperatures in Chicago. In Holland flowers are blooming in december, bees flying out to gather nectar in January. And of course I’m not talking about Australia where that is of course normal. Jesse Reynolds is a climate engineer and is interested in changing the weather around us. How do all the changes start and how can we stop them. should we even stop them? If you would like to find out…

Tony Bosma

Tony Bosma (1973) is in the top of the world’s futurists and trendwatchers. He is the founder of the trendwatching-,innovation- and future advisory organization ‘Extend Limits’. This is one of the first and most influential blogs in the field of trendwatching and future. It’s been an international source of knowledge and information about innovation, future, trends and developments for over a decade. Tony and his organization are monitoring the world and asking themselves why future developments haven’t taken place already. Tony Bosma has been named trendwatcher of the year in different categories on multiple occasions. Tony likes to be confrontational and inspiring at the same time. On february the 13th Tony will give an inspiring talk about ‘Smart Living’. He will ask himself and the audience ‘what is living limitless?’. How can we have more sustainability and a meaningful economy. What can we do to live in a more smarter way.

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