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Theme: TEDGlobal 2013

Darwin, Australia
June 13th, 2013

About this event

We are in the midst of a global remix. Disciplines merge and cross-pollinate. Technology intrudes into biology and society. Power and authority are redistributed. Boundaries shift -- or disappear. Hopes and anxieties collide. A new world is emerging at the intersection of once-separated realities, and everything we think we know might just be wrong. TEDGlobal 2013 will bring together those who challenge us to pause for an instant and Think Again.

Venue and Details

Charles Darwin University
Ellengowan Drive
Darwin, 0810
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Event Type (what is this?) TEDGlobal2013 Simulcast (TEDxLive)

This event occurred in the past.
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Jason Schoolmeester
Darwin, Australia

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Jason Schoolmeester
Caryn Schoolmeester
Organising Committee Member
Nicholas McGrath
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