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San José, Costa Rica
February 27th, 2014

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About this event

All all other before, it will be about everything

Confirmed Speakers

  • Carolina Rodríguez
    PhD in Psicotherapy, goes on stage in a persona, of a simple house maid and talks about looking inside yourself
  • Javier Garcia
    nano-technologist from MIT talks about nanotechnology as the 21st century alchemy and talks about using nanotechnology to solve the worlds energy problem
  • Jody Steiger
    PhD in Education, talks about using art as a learning tool
  • Bernal Céspedes
    Educator, talks about using tablets in schools to teach/learn English, and in doing so changing the centuries old education model
  • José Zaglul
    PhD economics, talks a bout the thin line that separates peace from chaos. Homes in on three fundamental values need to preserve peace
  • Roberto Artavia
    DBA Harvard, talks about networking for sustainability
  • Raul Gomez
    Orchestra Conductor, talks about collaboration as the driving force to reach new levels of excellence
  • Teofilo de la Torre
    Engineer, talks about renewable energies and what need to be doe so we can have all our electricity come from renewable sources in the short term (next 7 years).
  • Leslie Feinzag
    Gamer, talks about the strategies used by game developers to keep their users hooked, and how to use the same strategies in real life problems
  • Francesca Aguilar
    Marketing specialist with large multinational. Talks about the special Olympics and what we should learn from the handicapped.
  • Alvaro Cedeño
    Lawyer and diplomat. Talks about why the world should become bio-literate
  • Mariana Quesada
    High School Graduate. Talks the de-materialized walking stick she developed to help the blind
  • Andres Mora
    PhD Robotics. Talks about robots in our every day life
  • Pia Mancini
    Political Scientist. Talks about using the Internet to improve democracy.

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Venue and Details

Auditorio Nacional
Museo de los Niños
San José,
Costa Rica

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Roberto Sasso
San Jose, Costa Rica

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