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Columbus, United States
October 19th, 2009

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About this event

Eight diverse speakers joined us at the Wexner Center for the Arts for TEDxColumbus: Global, our first TEDx event. We focused on ideas that have or could touch the globe from innovators, designers and thought leaders from Columbus.

Confirmed Speakers

  • John Glenn
    John Glenn has been there and back. Twice. The first man to orbit the earth will share some of his more memorable stories in a first-generation technology, along with thoughts on his other passions like education.
  • Art Epstein
    Art Epstein has valuable pearls to share, but not the jeweled kind. His future projections on how plastics, created by strands of molecular pearls, will impact things like pharmaceuticals. Makes you wonder what won’t be plastic in our world to come.
  • Reade Harpham
    Reade Harpham has a challenge for you. The way he has been ‘protoyping change’ may help you stop talking and start doing something to make change in our world.
  • Chrystie Hill
    Chrystie Hill is not your mother’s librarian. Assuredly, we have shifted how we access information, but have libraries really shifted their role in our communities? You’ll want to hear Chrystie’s compelling perspective.
  • John Mueller
    John Mueller will demonstrate true obsession. He argues one of our most poignant technologies is grossly overstated and asks, what really is the role of Atomic weapons in our world today?
  • Ann Pendleton-Jullian
    Ann Pendleton-Jullian wants to play with your mind. Her many years of teaching design through gaming may help re-wire the future instruction of architects across the world.
  • Norah Zuniga-Shaw
    Norah Zuniga Shaw will be pointed with you. Her research on dance and its intersections with animation will make you think about how counterpoint is present everywhere we look.
  • Matt Slaybaugh
    And offering an inspiring opening to the evening, Matt Slaybaugh holds forth on the charms and trials of the imagination, the difficulties of creativity, and the absurdity of writing poetry.

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United States

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Ruth Milligan
Columbus, OH, United States

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Ruth Milligan
Co-Organizer, TEDxColumbus
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