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Theme: Emergence

This event occurred on
November 16, 2013
10:00am - 6:00pm PST
(UTC -8hrs)
Victoria, BC

“Man is the lowest-cost, 150-pound, nonlinear, all-purpose computer system which can be mass-produced by unskilled labor.” –NASA, 1965.

Hi. We are TEDxVictoria. We independently organize idea-sharing TED-like events in Victoria, BC.
We gather and collaborate with leaders, thinkers, inventors, innovators, young minds, and wise hearts around Vancouver Island in order to offer them one day of engaging talks and unforeseen connections. We celebrate the challenge and inspiration that comes with new ideas, insights and innovations.

TEDxVictoria is created for and by Victoria, so we strive for inclusiveness and connection. Get in touch with us through Facebook and Twitter, follow along by joining our mailing list, or sign up to volunteer—there are many methods of participation. A community is only as strong and impactful as the people that make it.

Please join us in creating an event that can inspire action. Change is all around us, so let’s step into it with passion and intent.

McPherson Playhouse
3 Centennial Square
Victoria, BC, V8W 1P5
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Adam Kreek

An Olympic gold medalist and explorer, in his spare time Adam does things like row to the Bermuda Triangle from West Africa in the open ocean in 2013. When Adam’s vessel capsized within a few days of reaching Miami Beach, the story made global headlines. Passionate about sustainability, he and his team have been gathering data from the ocean environment and marine life, and have worked to study and understand human physiology under stress.

Alan Cassels

A drug policy researcher for the University of Victoria, Alan Cassels is a known for having a knack for finding and describing the chasm between what the market says and what science does in modern healthcare. Over the past two decades Cassels has spent much of his research energy studying clinical research and the marketing tactics of the pharmaceutical industry, turning some of that research into journalism and books, including an international best-sellers Selling Sickness: How the World’s Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies are Turning us All into Patients and The ABC’s of Disease Mongering: An Epidemic in 26 Letters.

Angela Moran

The backdrop of Angela Moran’s childhood ranged through rust-belt towns; from Niagara Falls, ON to Detroit, MI, and more. Boarded up downtown cores and dilapidated buildings were completely normal sights… until Angela planted a tree as a teenager. In response to her upbringing, Angela immersed herself in regenerative farming communities across the western hemisphere, becoming attuned to the complexities of our globalized system, issues surrounding food, and food justice. Angela has dedicated the past 8 years envisioning and implementing plans for an urban farm field school as well as Victoria’s first commercial aquaponic system.

Bob McDonald

One of Canada’s favourite science journalists, Bob McDonald has been the dynamic host of Quirks & Quarks since 1992. The regular science commentator on CBC News Network, Bob is also the science correspondent for CBC TV’s The National. Before joining Quirks & Quarks, Bob was the host of CBC Television’s children’s science program Wonderstruck. He has also managed to find time to be the author of two books based on the program, Wonderstruck I and Wonderstruck II.

Ian MacKenzie

An ardent filmmaker and media activist, Ian MacKenzie is dedicated to capturing and sharing glimpses of emerging human paradigms. MacKenzie’s most recent film, Occupy Love, explores the growing realization that the dominant systems of power are failing to provide us with health, happiness, or meaning. Ian feels the resulting crisis from the 2008 stock market crash has become a catalyst for a profound awakening.

Jim Townley

Jim Townley started roasting coffee in 2000, with an intense interest in not only how different flavours arise by origin, but also how they can be changed through the process of roasting. Amazed by how much energy roasters require and how much smoke (containing harmful compounds) the roasting process generates, Townley was driven by the sense that there was a missing technological link in the café industry, and so he set out to modernize the coffee roaster. Since then, Jim has invented and produced a nearly smoke-free, ultra-energy efficient, electric roaster.

José Barrios

José Barrios is working with the world’s top universities to design a new system allows psychologists to collect, store, and study the human mind through crowdsourcing. Barrios says that by taking psychology experiments online and distributing them to crowdsourcing communities, we can potentially speed up the rate at which research is accomplished. He says we could then leverage this technology to create the biggest database on human behaviour ever built. José believes that we are at the brink of an emergent technology that will greatly accelerate our understanding of one of the biggest mysteries to our species: the human mind.

Lee Anne Davies

Lee Anne has a PhD in Aging, Health, and Well-Being, along with many years of experience working in the financial sector as a consultant for insurance, wealth management, banking, and financial education companies. Davies specializes in understanding how aging is associated with financial and health risks, as well as the implications it has for business priorities and relationships. Davies is also the autho of the upcoming book When Life Bites You in the Wallet: The Human Side of Getting Your Money Under Control.

Mary-Wynne Ashford

Dr. Mary-Wynne Ashford has received many awards for her work on peace and nuclear disarmament, including the Gandhi Award from Simon Fraser University and the Thakore Foundation; the Queen’s Medal from the Governor General of Canada on two occasions; and the YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the Human Rights categoryl. Dr. Ashford’s interests has led her to work with the Voice of Women and with the YWCA of Canada. Dr. Ashford also served as President of Canadian Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War, and in 1988 chaired Montreal’s World Congress of the International chapter. Retiring from clinical medicine in 2003, Many-Wynne dedicated herself to writing Enough Blood Shed: 101 Solutions to Violence, Terror, and War (published 2006).

Mike Vardy

Writer, speaker, podcaster, and ‘productivityist,’ Mike Vardy has been busy writing about personal productivity, and time/task management for five years. Vardy has served as Managing Editor for, a contributing writer for The Huffington Post, Lifehacker, The Next Web, and SUCCESS Magazine. He also co-hosts the popular Mikes On Mics podcast, and has published The Front Nine: How to Start the Year You Want Anytime You Want. Mike still writes regularly for both his personal site, Productivityist, as well as

Rebecca Marino

One of the most promising young Canadian tennis players of her generation, Rebecca Marino made a remarkable—and remarkably mature—decision to halt her career and deal with the depression she had battled for years. Rebecca’s powerful and noble choice made national news headlines, giving her the brave opportunity to engage the nation in an open, honest, and much-needed dialogue about mental health.

Sarah Hunt

Sarah Hunt is a PhD candidate passionately working to change the high rates of abuse experienced by Indigenous people by examining tensions between law and violence. Sarah draws on her experience as a community-based researcher, educator, and as a member of the Kwakwaka’wakw nation to address the important subject of colonial violence.

Tiffany Poirier

Tiffany Poirier is an elementary teacher, philosophy aficionado, and the author-illustrator of a critical thinking book for children titled Q is for Question: An ABC of Philosophy. Tiffany aims to help children learn the skills necessary to unleash their inner philosophers by teaching through enrichment programs in the public school system. Her goal is that they will be empowered to think critically, think creatively, and be the vibrant leaders that this world persistently needs.

Tom Rippon

Tom Rippon has successfully owned and operated Avalon Institute Inc. for over 25 years. His prosperity has come from being keenly aware of the global environment and, as he would say: “If you cannot predict the future, then create it– because if you do not, then someone else will.” Tom is a Business Administration and Leadership Development instructor at Camosun College, publishes and presents papers at national and international conferences, and peer-reviews manuscripts for publication in journals. His research interests include: Culture of Peace and the applications at the macro, meso and micro levels; Peace and Security; Ethics; Efficacy of United Nations missions; and Human Resource Management.

Kathryn Calder

Kathryn Calder is an accomplished artist who belies her age. Beginning her professional music career as a teenager, she had quickly recorded 2 EPS and 4 CDs with the Victoria based Immaculate Machine (parting ways in 2008). Kathryn has also toured the world and recorded 3 albums as the newest member of The New Pornographers while also releasing her solo albums Are You My Mother? in 2010 and Bright and Vivid in 2011 (a candidate for the Polaris Music Prize). Kathryn recently filmed a documentary titled A Matter of Time, telling the story of her life and her mother’s passing from ALS (also called Lou Gehrig’s Disease) in 2009.

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