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Theme: Radical Shift

This event occurred on
November 2, 2013
10:00am - 4:00pm PDT
(UTC -7hrs)
Squamish, BC

Every place has an identity. A landmark. An icon. A history. A landscape. A vibe. A place isn’t just where we live, it’s who we are. It’s our identity.
What happens when that identity changes? When communities grow? When skills develop? When resources dry up? What happens when identities merge to form something new?
Radical shift.

Squamish is transforming. Transformation leads to new ideas, new ways of thinking, new technologies and new developments. Who are we? What inspires us? What roles do art, recreation and technology play? What creates shift?

What does your Squamish look like? What happens next.

Join us as we explore the cultural identity of Squamish and give new meaning to our own backyard.

Quest University
3200 University Boulevard
Squamish, BC, V8B 0N8
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Jayson Faulkner

Next year the Sea to Sky Gondola will open. Hundreds of thousands of visitors will arrive in 2014 and behold our vistas in a whole new way. Will this new attraction help Squamish create its own identity to break from its past? Learn how community engagement overcame opposition. Find out how the project also plugs into the groundswell of change in a community who wants to find its own way. Faulkner is a lifetime Sea to Sky resident, former VP Sales & Marketing at Arcteryx, Co-Owner of The Escape Route and Whistler Alpine Guides Bureau as well as General Manager & Co-Founder of the Sea to Sky Gondola.

Sean Dillion

Engineers, new materials, computer-aided aerodynamic design and evolving construction techniques are changing the way we explore our mountains. Sean Dillon is a pioneer in the sport of ‘speed flying’ which combines a wing similar to kite boarding, with base jumping and paragliding. He’s created a new career for himself, out of being extreme and living his dream. Learn how a growing number of athletes and enthusiasts are creating Radical Shift by taking their passion to new heights. Sean is the Owner of Snow Riders United where he professional mountain guiding and snow safety for extreme ski movies as well as guides and trains other speed flyers.

Anne Thomson

Society is going through a massive paradigm shift. Education has to keep up. Is creativity the answer? Learn how this educator is creating Radical Shift by thinking beyond the traditional way of teaching to build an educational modern where the arts are infused into every decision. Anne Thomson has been teaching been teaching through the arts for more than 20 years. She is currently the performing arts teacher at Mamquam Elementary School, one of six BC schools selected to become an Arts Infusion school through Artstarts BC.

Cindy Pettit

When youth are suspended from school for substance use or possession, they often find themselves unsupervised at home with more time to sleep, more time to play and more time to use the substances that resulted in their suspension in the first place. The Langley School District program Project Resiliency is a movement away from the traditional response of suspension that encourages healthy support, connections and coping. Learn how this project is creating Radical Shift by transforming the school’s position from punisher to advocate. Cindy Pettit, (BA CYC, MA candidate) has worked with at-risk youth and their families for over 25 years. She co-developed the Project Resiliency program that has benefited more than 1,000 students in the past 7 years.

Ryan Derby-Talbot

Most modern approaches to education are based on the idea of a “third-person” experience, where students learn how to do something by imitating another. While easy to standardize, third-person learning experiences do not lead to meaningful learning. Learn how first-person learning experiences empower students to take on life’s big challenges, and how this Radical Shift in educational approach is happening at Quest University Canada. Ryan Derby-Talbot joined the Quest University Canada faculty as a mathematics professor in 2009. He was recently elected Chief Academic Officer.

Arno Kopecky

Sometimes the only way to truly understand a culture is to live it. In the summer of 2012, Arno Kopecky embarked on a 3-month journey to the BC Central Coast, also known as the Great Bear Rainforest and home to several First Nations. Learn how we, as a culture, can create Radical Shift by embracing the elements we hold in common with our First Nations to develop a stronger connection to our environment and to each other. Arno Kopecky is an environmental journalist and author of two books, The Devil’s Curve and The Oil Man And The Sea.

Eric Andersen

Squamish is a gateway to an interior mountain landscape, to the Pacific Ocean and to a wealth of outdoor recreation. This unique landscape has defined our lives here both economically and culturally. As a Gateway Community, is there a need for Radical Shift? Is our geographic location as important today as it was for our 20th century economy? Squamish-born Eric Andersen is a BC Forest Excellence Award Winner, historian, consultant and translator in the forestry, wood products and transportation industries.

Tsawaysia Spukwus

With nearly 4,000 members, the Squamish Nation is undergoing a time of reaffirmation and growth. Its language, legends, songs and skills are not only being taught in the villages, they’re being taught in the public school system. Find out how the Squamish Nation is learning from their past to build a stronger foundation for their future. Tsawaysia Spukwus (“Alice Guss”) is a Squamish Nation member, a mother, a storyteller, a historian and an educator who has worked with First Nations communities for more than 20 years.

Stan Matwychuk

For the past four years, Homebase Studios has pushed the limits of creativity and collaboration. How can the concept of “work” change and define a community? Learn how this dynamic young artist, entrepreneur and visionary is steering the Squamish art scene towards Radical Shift. Stan Matwychuk is a local artist who has worked with such corporate brands as CTV, VANOC and Brand Live. His artistic footprint includes Whistler’s Terry Roberts Bridge Mural, the Drop Box Public Art Piece in the New Whistler Library and the Fields Mural Project in Downtown Squamish. A passionate Squamish resident, community and collaboration remain the focus of his work.

Ian Mackay

In January 2010, Haiti suffered a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people. One Squamish resident travelled alone to the devastated region where he provided relief alongside medical professionals. He didn’t stop there. Learn how this global citizen created Radical Shift by empowering victimized and war-torn communities through positive change. Ian MacKay is the Founder of The Peace Life Project Foundation, a non-profit humanitarian foundation that provides education and basic health care to children in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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