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Theme: The power of +syn

This event occurred on
April 13, 2013
9:00am - 8:00pm EEST
(UTC +3hrs)

TEDxThessaloniki 2013 is about the “power of +syn”. “Syn” is the Greek word for “plus” and also a prefix found in so many powerful words such as synergy, synthesis, symbiosis and synaesthesis. “Syn” has also the same function as “co-” in words like collaboration, coexistence, contribution and combination. The spirit of all the above words is the one we aim to spread. In our effort to shed light on the importance of adding one, or more, ‘syn’ in our daily life, we will discover together the added value of thinking and acting positively. TEDxThessaloniki 2013 is a synthesis of different people, experiences and attitudes. Coming from a vast field of different backgrounds, such as educa- tion, volunteering, entrepreneurship, art and technology, our speakers will spread ideas on how the power of ‘plus’ can be realized. Our main sources of inspiration for this year’s theme were not only the positive energy that the TEDxThessaloniki event spreads every year to its audience, but also our need to showcase and integrate in our daily life positive thinking and actions, needed now possibly more than ever. Today, let’s embark together on a journey to explore the power of +syn.

Olympion Theater
10, Aristotelous Square
Thessaloniki, 54623
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Organizing team


Thessaloniki, Greece


Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Tania Akritidou
    Production Engineer
  • Avgi Vogiatzoglou
    Legal Advisor
  • George Gatos
    Fundraising Director
  • Stamatios Giannikis
  • Vangelis Kokkotzis
    TEDxSter Care Manager
  • Velissarios Milionis
    Partnerships Development
  • Argyro Barata
    Performances Coordinator
  • Katerina Biliouri
  • Christina Biliouri
    Creative Director
  • Lazaros Boudakidis
    Production Director
  • Revecca Pedi
    Communications Director
  • Nikos Papandonopoulos
    Partnerships Officer
  • Marios Spyroglou
    Film Director
  • Irina Taka
    Speakers Catalyst
  • Maria Terkenli
    Side-events Coordinator
  • Angelica Tzemou
    Speakers Coach
  • Vaso Apostolou
    Social Media Assistant
  • Georgios Dimitriadis
  • Ioannis Ergeletzis
    Graphic Designer
  • Marina Karpozilou
    Press Assistant
  • Dimitris Katsioulas
    Social Media Officer
  • Katia Lousta
  • Christina Melidou
    TEDxThessaloniki Wish Project Manager
  • Thalia Papageorgiou
    Goodie Bag Coordinator
  • Nikos Papanotas
    IT Manager
  • Anna Piata
  • Magdalini Siga
    Set Designer
  • Thomas Siomos
  • Charis Tasioulis
  • Dimitris Tzouris
    Social Media Officer