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Theme: A Different View

This event occurred on
March 27, 2013
2:00pm - 8:00pm GMT
(UTC +0hrs)
Brighton, BNH
United Kingdom

This year is about seeing the world, the individual and society from a different point of view. Whether it’s a map, gender or aid there are ways of approaching a problem which turn them into creative gold – this year we’re celebrating those inspirational moments when an obstacle becomes a stepping stone towards a brighter vision of the future.

Attenborough Centre Creativity Zone
Creativity Zone, Pevensey III
University of Sussex, Falmer
Brighton, BNH, BN1 9QH
United Kingdom
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Maxwell Jeffrey Roberts

Max Roberts is a Researcher in Psychology at the University of Essex, where he holds an interest in the broad area of human reasoning and intelligence. In particular, he has an interest in individual differences in the strategies that people use to solve problems, their causes, and their consequences. It is his belief that until we understand individual differences, we will never fully understand cognition. Over the past 13 years he has gathered an interest in map design (or lack of), which has been spurred on by the release of poor designs to the general public. In his book Underground Maps Unravelled and his work, he attempts to radically redesign some of our iconic maps, such as the London tube map, in an effort to improve usability and simplicity.

Sarah Clavel

Sarah Clavel is a student at Sussex, working at the same time with an NGO promoting the usage of new technologies for development. She has been actively involved in helping during the post-electoral political crisis in Cote d’Ivoire, using social media to generate support for various people in need. An afro-optimist at heart, Sarah is interested in telling the innovative & entrepreneurial stories of the continent. She undertook research on mobile technology in Cote d’Ivoire , recently interned with the West African Central Bank, and was one of the ‘youngster’ interviewing Sir Richard Branson for MTV base Africa.

Winfried Hensinger

Winfried Hensinger is a Reader in Quantum, Atomic and Optical Physics and a EPSRC Leadership Fellow at the University of Sussex where he heads the Ion Quantum Technology group. Hensinger’s group is developing large-scale quantum computers and quantum simulators using trapped ions (charged atoms). Using state-of-the art nanoscience the group builds microchip architectures for quantum technology devices. Furthermore, they develop scalable entanglement methods and investigate the foundations of quantum physics. Hensinger obtained his PhD at the University of Queensland investigating experimental nonlinear quantum dynamics with ultracold atoms. During his PhD candidature he spent an extended period at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, USA in the group of Nobel laureate William Phillips demonstrating dynamic tunnelling in a sodium Bose-Einstein condensate. After completing his PhD he spent three years as a FOCUS Research Fellow in the group of Chris Monroe at the University of Michigan, USA developing ways to scale ion trap quantum information processing, before moving to the University of Sussex in 2006.

Anna Dumitriu

Anna Dumitriu’s work blurs the boundaries between art and science with a strong interest in the ethical issues raised by emerging technologies. Her installations, interventions and performances use a range of digital, biological and traditional media including live bacteria, robotics, interactive media, and textiles. Her work has a strong international exhibition profile and is held in several major public collections, including the Science Museum in London. Dumitriu is known for her work as founder and director of “The Institute of Unnecessary Research”, a group of artists and scientists whose work crosses disciplinary boundaries and critiques contemporary research practice. She recently completed a Wellcome Trust commission entitled “The Hypersymbiont Salon", is collaborating as a Visiting Research Fellow: Artist in Residence with the Adaptive Systems Research Group at The University of Hertfordshire (focussing on social robotics) and (Leverhulme Trust 2011) Artist in Residence on the UK Clinical Research Consortium Project “Modernising Medical Microbiology” at The University of Oxford. Her major international project “Trust me I’m an artist, towards an ethics of art/science collaboration” (in collaboration with the Waag Society in Amsterdam and The University of Leiden) investigates the novel ethical problems that arise when artists create artwork in laboratory settings. She is also a contributing editor to Leonardo Electronic Almanac, and winner of the 2012 Society for Applied Microbiology Communication Award.

Stephen Murtagh

LGBT+ Youth Activist, President and Trustee of Allsorts Youth Project. He champions and campaigns for young LGBT+ people’s voices in East Sussex and beyond. He has been working in peer education for four years facilitating inclusive and progressive workshops on issues that young LGBT+ people face in education. He has worked on previous campaigns for YPV (Young People’s Voice) on IDAHOBIT 2012#, LGBT Children, Young People and Families Day 2013 and is currently developing a LGBT+ youth forum to coordinate with Brighton & Hove Youth Council. From an academic background at Brighton University, he has written papers covering LGBT+ campaigns and language focusing on the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign , and currently is researching on LGBT+ and Disabled students experiences of higher education at Brighton & Sussex University.

Laura Sercombe

Laura Sercombe has worked in the not for profit sector and specifically disability for over 20 years. She started as a specialist teacher for children and young people with dyslexia and ‘grew into’ being an Operations Director for a number of national charities before stepping up into the role of Chief Executive at Challengers. She believes passionately in driving change for excellence and ensuring services for disabled people are available and high quality. However she also believes that the team to achieve this is valued and has the opportunity to contribute to the development of the organisation in which they work.

Shoaib Rahim

Shoaib Rahim is an MSc student at the University of Sussex. He lived most of his life as a refugee and returned to Afghanistan at the age of 26. While away from his country, he was able to explore diverse experiences as a volunteer, youth development activist, debater, trainer, event manager, public speaker and consultant. A rural enterprise development specialist by profession, he uses all his experiences to turn the youth into responsible citizens who are ready to volunteer for development of Afghanistan. He founded ‘Gaheez – The Rising Afghanistan’, an initiative to engage the youth in development of the country. Gaheez organizes interactive training sessions on personal development and provides advice on career planning. It also uses social media to gather the youth on a platform and disseminate inspirational material on optimism, volunteerism and patriotism. The interesting fact about Gaheez is that its operations are carried out without any funding. He believes youth can turn the dream of a developed Afghanistan into reality if guided.

Reuben Davidson

Reuben Davidson is a freelance photographer, artist, journalist and local transgender activist. After learning to navigate through the world in his new identity, Reuben is taking trans* activism to the top of the agenda and aiming to equip others with the knowledge needed to be a positive trans* ally. In Peer Education in schools in East Sussex, he delivers positive messages about gender identity and conveys a passion and respectfulness in his advocacy. Reuben is the film and audio assistant of the new and unique gender variance based web-series “My Genderation”, aiming to showcase the real lives of trans* people in today’s society. He is also appearing in multiple episodes documenting his personal journey through social and medical transition from female to male. Forthcoming publications by Reuben include looking at mental health in gender variant people for G-scene and interviewing screen printer and film maker Raphael Fox for META magazine. His gender based photography series “Beautiful Boys” will be exhibited September 2013.

Geoffrey Whitfield

Geoffrey Whitfield is one of the founders of The World Sport Peace Project. While working at a youth club in Palestine he came up with the simple and to him obvious idea of playing a football game which has since grown massively with muslims, christians, jews, boys and girls playing together on mixed teams. Geoffrey questions ‘Imagine that the first time Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat met each other as political leaders their conversation began with the words, ‘Did we play football together?’ What would such an encounter have on the situation of the Middle East today?” Geoffrey also was awarded an MBE for his work and studied for an MA in Conflict, Security and Development at Sussex University in 2011 and is the university chaplain at Sussex University. He wishes to spread the idea that some of the worlds most complex problems can be improved by such a simple and obvious idea as playing football together.

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