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Theme: The Spark!

This event occurred on
November 16, 2013
1:30pm - 3:00pm EST
(UTC -5hrs)
Alpharetta, GA
United States

Amana Academy students 1st-8th grade are challenged this year to find their "Spark!" We encouraged students to ask the Guiding Questions: "What Inspires You and How Will You Inspire Others?" We are school that fosters Expeditionary Learning and, therefore, we have 10 Design Principles that guide us as we learn about the world. We will connect these Design Principles with how we can be the positive change we wish to see in our society.

Amana Academy
285 South Main Street
Alpharetta, GA, 30009
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Imaan Bokhari

Imaan Bokhari is a 5th grader at Amana Academy and she is inspired by art around her. Her hopes and dreams for this year are to become a role model artist. She believes anyone at any age can experience art. Imaan makes a connection to the EL design principal ,"The having of wonderful ideas". She was initially inspired by her mother, who is also a visual artist, which motivated her to develop her craft. She lives at home with her mom, and dad. She is also the oldest of three. Her hobbies include: painting, eating lots of candy, and decorating her desktop with pictures of cats. Imaan will show others how art can be felt and how different perspectives can change how you view art.

Tala Budeir

Tala Budeir is a 2nd grade student at Amana Academy. She will be speaking about the Syrian children. She will connect her talk with the EL design principle Empathy and Caring. Tala believes that art can help the children of Syria feel happy. Tala lives at home with her little sister, mom, and dad. Tala likes to teach her sister the alphabet and draw in her sketchbook. She would like to start a campaign to donate art supplies to the Syrian children.

Abdallah Ali

Abdallah Ali is a 5th grader at Amana Academy and has always had a passion about the environment and how to protect the environment we live in.  He became interested about the environment while traveling in the Qatar.  He saw lots of waste products such as papers, cans, plastics not being placed in proper areas in order to be used for the right purposes.  In order to stop the pollution of the earth we live in, Abdallah will present ways to make our planet safe from toxic materials and stop pollution.  Abdallah lives with his Mom and Dad and has two younger siblings.  His hobbies include reading, playing soccer and riding his bicycle with his friends.  He will connect his talk with the EL design principle -The Natural World.

Duncan Link

Duncan link is a 4th grader at Amana Academy and is definitely inspired by boredom. He discovered this when he was super bored. He thinks that great ideas come out of being bored and that everyone can have great ideas. This talk ties in with the EL design principle of “the having of wonderful ideas." He lives with his mom, dad, and younger twin brothers, one of whom is also speaking on Nov. 16. His hobbies include: playing baseball, video games, playing with pets, playing out in the woods, candy, and building. His hopes his talk will inspire you to discover your creative side.

Simon Link

Simon Link is a 2nd grader at Amana Academy. He likes to make people laugh and will be talking about laughter He is inspired by comedians like Bill Cosby, (in addition to) his Father and Grandfather. Making people laugh connects to the EL design principles of “Empathy and Caring” and “The having of wonderful ideas.” Simon lives with his twin brother, older brother, Mom, Dad and three cats. When he is not trying to make them all laugh, he enjoys skateboarding, playing games and reading.

Miriam Seeke

Miriam Seeke is a 5th grade student at Amana Academy. She feels her talk with connect with the EL design principle empathy and caring. She wants a decent living wage for Imokalee farm workers in Florida. She will protest, petition, and perform to help them receive a fair wage. She hopes you will join her in her campaign. Miriam Seeke loves music, dance, acting, and fashion. She loves small animals and hanging out with friends. She is the oldest of 2 and lives with her mom, dad, 7 year old brother, Jonathan, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 4 chickens. Her hobbies include swimming reading, singing, volleyball, and doing her nails and hair.

Raeyan Shbeib

Raeyan Shbeib is in the fourth grade student at Amana Academy. She in inspired to learn Arabic and wants others to experience the joy of learning a new language. Her mother taught her to speak Arabic as her first language. Raeyan is now fluent in Arabic and English. She will connect to the El design principle of “Success and Failure.” When she is not in school Raeyan like to read, write, and type her own short stories.

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